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Photo Observation

From: Halloween 2016, own photo

Theme: Spooky

Description: The eerie glow is just enough to show the figure blocking the path, bringing them out of the shadow but not separating them from the darkness. The shadows shield its eyes, masking the madness that i know is lurking there.

Photo Observation


  2. Spooky
  3. I found this online and this picture fit the theme because to me dolls are spooky and the fact that she is crying is scary. She looks lonely on a chair and the light is coming from one direction from the middle left and it is the only light source. What makes the light source eerie is that it is a spot light only on the doll and then it fades into darkness. Also the shadow produced by the chair is creepy when you observe it because if we couldn’t see the doll you wouldn’t be able to tell what was on the chair or if the shadow was even a chair.

Photo Observation #7

From: Pintrest

Theme: Single light source

Description: The shadow of a predator looms in the door way, its size almost filling the hole and blocking out all light and possible escapes. The looming shadow strikes fear into those in the room, as they know that this kitten is very hungry and it was well past dinner time.

Photo Observation

Frog by Irawan Subingar, found online


This unique perspective of a frog is easy to recognize.  The strange hands and feet of a frog make interesting shadows.The bright green makes the frog’s shadow stand out and differs from a lot of shadow photography that deal with dark colors for contrast.  This frog would have been completely hidden without the light and when looking at this photo, I can’t help but think that the photographer must have had to lie down and change their perspective to take this photo.

photo observation


Theme: Shadow

I chose this photo because when I think of shadows I think of something I read “We aren’t afraid of the dark, we’re afraid of what’s behind the dark”, and this photo has a grainy scary tunnel vibe. Everything that isn’t lit is shadow and this photo show how shadow can over power the light.

Photo observation #5


Theme: Shadow

Description: Overlapping shadows cross and crash, colours clashing across the white surface, creating a road map of confusion. The overlaying shadows maintain a 3D effect rather than flattening out the image.

Photo Observation #5

Found at:

Theme: Shadows

I picked this photo because when I think about shadows my mind immediately jumps to shadow puppets. I really like the whole idea of shadow puppets especially ones where you can do them yourself with your hands. I like this photo because it shows the light source that is causing the shadow to be formed. I also really like that you can see all of what is causing the shadow. The shadow surrounded in so much light with little bits of light peeking through where the eyes are is just so satisfying to me.

Lighting Observation

  1. 2/2/17, 2:20 pm, Axinn Library
  2. Objective: I was in the quiet section of the Axinn library in the afternoon. I was sitting in a cubicle close to the large glass windows facing Davinson Hall. The sun was shining into the library and onto the nearby cubicles. The shadows that the trees cast came through and onto the cubicles as well.
  3. Subjective: The dullness of the quiet room in Axinn was cut by the glow of the sunlight coming through the wall of glass windows. The shadows of tree branches that fell onto my cubicle provided some relief from the strong rays of the sun. This transformed the dreary feeling of the room and gave it some animation.

Photo Observation


3. Theme: Shadows

4. When I think of shadows I usually think of the ways they are manipulated in photography. The positioning of the light combined with the placement of the object can be used to alter the shape of the shadow being cast. This is what I think is the most interesting aspect of shadows. Manipulating the shadows can create a more ambiguous shape, unrelated to the actual object casting the shadow.