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Light Observation #7 – Window

  1. Date: 3/14/18, Time: about 9:15 am, Location: Lowe 201
  2. The blinds are pulled up and a combination of light, shapes and shadows are reflected against the whiteboard.
  3. I am taking notes in my morning lighting class when the professor pulls the blinds from one of the classroom’s windows, closest to the whiteboard. As the blinds go up, a literal and metaphorical window of light grows upon the lower right corner of the whiteboard. There are several boxes of light that make up the entire window. Within this window, there is a shadow of a tree and its branches, swaying back and forth into view.

Photo Observation #4

2) Installation view Loebbeckes Insel, Braunschweig, Germany 2016 / Foto © Studio Thilo Frank

3) Theme: Mystery

4) I found this image while trying to attribute the original photo I intended to use for this theme. It was of a mirrored room that this artist, Thilo Frank, had constructed for a museum in Germany. I went to his page and ended up finding this picture of this installation he made in 2016. I found the installation intriguing from the first photos on his site, but the further I scrolled down he had it lit in various ways. This to me was the most mysterious–not only because of the ominous lighting but because of the general shape and the dada-esque feeling of the structure. The purpose is unknown giving it an automatic confusing or mysterious element, and then adding in a a bright sterile light as well as a human person for size reference makes its all the more intriguing to look at. You can see the other views of it in daylight here.

Photo Observation #4 – Mysterious

  1. Found on:
  2. Theme: Mysterious
  3. Although one could tell what the creature is, the only thing hidden in the shadows is the face, more specifically, the eyes. As the eyes are said to be the most expressive part of the body, the figure gives off a somewhat off-putting feeling of anticipation

Photo Observation #2 – Shadows

  1. Found on
  2. Theme: Shadows
  3. While the picture itself is very simple and self-explanatory, I was drawn to it by the shadow presented. The sun, while not visible in the photo, is shining down from behind the bird and displaying a shadow of spreading wings, as if ready to take flight. However, the bird is in a relaxed and stationary position. Perhaps this could reflect the natural desire for a living creature to “spread their wings and “soar,” as a means of reaching true potential. Creatures such as birds are already capable of flight, but maybe those usually stuck on the ground, could be inspired by this photo to feel as though they are flying and nothing can bring them down.


Photo Observation #2

2. Found on

Photo by Eloise Cribb

3. This photo creates a fear of the unknown in anyone who sees it. Shadows are often used to reveal things that are unseen by the human eye. This creates a feeling of unease and wariness of the thing we will never know or understand until it’s too late (as shown in the photo). The room is also fairly dim, which causes an ominous ambiance around the actions in the photo.

Photo Observation #2

Shade created by a texture of a roof style: Pintrest

I found this photo while browsing photography images online. What I like about this image is how you cannot see what the top is shaped but you can see the shadow of the shape. The light is coming from the top left in this image. I also like that the photo is in black and white so you can enjoy the shadows and intensities in the image.


Photo Observation #2

2. This was a photo taken by me a good few months ago during the summer months at HOFSTRA

3. Theme: Shadows

4. This photo has a good use of one light source from behind to light the gazebo. This also makes sure what bits of the gazebo get in the way to allow for a nice shadowed effect over some of the crosswalk. This photo also has a nice mix of greens and wood grain made brighter by the contrast.

Photo Observation #2

2) I found the photo originally on Pinterest, however I then found it came from this photographer’s facebook ( )

3) THEME: Shadows

4) DESCRIPTION: I was drawn to this photo because of the contrast of the piercing light on the girls face and the darker, shadows around it. The middle of the photo gives off an abrasive mood because of the bright geometric shade of the light. Having the light positioned right in the girl’s eyes creates this feeling because everyone can understand the painful  feeling when one gets a bright light shined in their eyes. Everywhere else in the photo, the shadows are more prominent. The feeling here is much more calm. This is because it is almost “the calm before the storm” type feeling. Overall, the strong contrast of the shadows and the light is very interesting to the eye in this photo.

Photo Observation #2

Title: “Luz y Sombras”

Photo Credits: Christina Granados

Location: Espinho, Portugal.

Theme: Shadows

The first thing that jumped out at me was all of the lines that are in this photograph, not only the lines that are there in a three dimensional form of the architecture of the main structure, the railing on the right, and the house on the left, but also all of the lines created by the shadows. The intersections and parallels of the straight lines as well as the curved lines of the sidewalk create many different shapes and motion that drag my eye all around the photo. The choice to have the photograph be black and white makes it more interesting to me because it makes the shadow of the structure look almost like a reproduction of it rather than a shadow–which was not the case when this is photographed in color (I found a picture in color when I was looking to attribute the photo to a location and photographer). The photographer, Christina Granados, expertly timed the taking of this photograph to get the look of the poles to blend into the shadows that are cast. The only other thing I found kind of funny was the creature (dog? monkey?) and because of its closeness to the ground how much less of a shadow it creates.

Photo Observation #2


Title: “Fashion Photography”

Photo Credits: Solve Sundsbo

Location: Pinterest

Theme: Shadows

The lighting is unique because it incorporates a fashion photo shoot with shadowing. Usually, fashion photo shoots try and eliminate the darkness, and even add more lighting so that all of the model’s lines can be seen. However, in this photo shoot, it looks as if the model is looking out of a window and the shadow from the blinds are being projected onto her face. The model’s body position looks as if she is longing for something outside, maybe freedom, while the blinds’ shadows almost look as if they are prison bars and she is a prisoner. What’s interesting is that the shadow from the blinds help to give this photo a more black and white effect, which also makes her yellow lipstick stand out even more.