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Photo Observation

surreal lighting


Description: This photo plays with the silhouettes of the actors during the scene. The two men are both present but you can only really see the shadow of the man in the doorway while there is moonlight beaming down on the other guy. This stuck out to me  because of the beautiful colors that are created.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.56.50 PM

Lighting Ob #8

  1. 3/16/2016, 2:29pm, Quad outside of Lowe
  2. Objective: The only light given out here is natural sunlight coming from directly above Emily Low hall.
  3. Subjective: The light gives the ultimate feeling of summer. The sun is shining very brightly yet there are shadows being cast by the bare trees that create a contrast in the light. Overall, the feel is extremely calming and serene.

Photo Observation 7: White Christmas Hot Spot


My camera automatically took this photo while I was filming a community theatre production of White Christmas back home in Maryland.

The theme is “single source; artificial light.” There is only one light on the actor at this point in the piece, and it is artificial.

The light brings details to the surface from beneath the waves of darkness, the endless and mysterious abyss. It causes its own spots of darkness though. It penetrates and bounces back off the subject under its rays. The colors pop beneath its whitish spread and are the only thing attracting the eye in this darkness. The edges of the light fall off sharply and leave much to guess about the image. The bright, seething, and only light in this photo is the point of clarity and tension as it contrasts with the surrounding pit of blackness. It is a mysterious, bright, hot, white, harsh, light.
Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.12.54 AM

Photo Observation


Photo taken by: me

This is a picture of my house around Christmas time. I find it very interesting that the light that is shining on the holy family on the left casts an interesting shadow onto my house. The shadow of Joseph looks like the grim reaper in between the four windows on the left. It looks like a hooded dark figure. It brings a spooky feeling during Christmas time.

Lighting Observation 2

Date: 2/2/16

Time: 3:00pm

Location: Mineola LIRR Train Station

Objective Description: All natural light, the sun was shining to my back and there were no clouds in the sky. My shadow cast out long in front of me without any disturbances.

Subjective Description: My shadow made me look larger than life.  It cast out in front of me uninterrupted and cohesive.  All my movements seemed bigger.  The shadow was smooth on the concrete platform but gained a strange texture when it hit the yellow warning pads. It eventually dipped off on the tracks itself, distorting it to not look human anymore.

Light Observation #1 Spring 2015

1) 2/5/2015, 7pm, My apartment NYC.

2) Dark room, light coming in through frosted window from street lamp through tree.

3) Sitting in my darkened kitchen on the 3rd floor I stare out the window partially covered with frost, a sickly off-orange light spills in silhouetting empty tree branches. The branch shadows appear to be fingers grasping at and attempting to tickle the jagged edges of the frost, moving slightly and silently back and forth in the wind. At once evoking contradictory feelings of both calm and creepy unease. The motion is hypnotic…

Photo Observation – #5

1. dreamlike-lighting-design-computer-40137


3. Dreamlike

4. It is the crack of dawn on a desolate beach, and the sun has begun to light up the deep blue sky.  Shining over the horizon, rays of red, orange and yellow cast down upon the hot sand.  The beaming sun shines down on two lush trees creating long, dark shadows along the ground. The silhouettes of the trees lie on the seemingly blue sand that hasn’t been fully illuminated by the sun’s inviting rays.  The golden light can fool anybody into thinking they are in a dream.

Photo Observation #2: Single Light Source/Shadows

Photo from

Theme: Single Light Source/Shadows

This picture really jumped out at me because the lighting is similar to that of a sunrise, which was our assignment last week. The most intense source of the light is in the center of the picture. It instills a sense of life and soul in the picture for me. When I look at how the light is strong in the center and fills the room slowly dimming at it’s edges, I get a strong sense of strength and presence in the room. It’s an intense spotlight. The strength of the white light, which fades from red to orange and yellow says I am here. I am present and I am strong. I am not going anywhere. At first you assume the light to be isolated because it is only one source. On the contrary, the light from the burning candle, though alone, is extremely strong and doesn’t simply remain as one small flame of light, a single source. The light completely fills the entire room as if it were just as strong as a variety of different light sources.

Photo Observation Week #2: Single Light Source/Shadows


2. Photo of myself, taken by Laurel Chausse in 2011.

3. Theme: Single Light Source/Shadows

4. The day before this photo was taken, I was watching a modeling show in which the models had to light themselves holding two large lamps. It didn’t seem too hard a task, but the models were struggling. It soon became clear why it was so difficult. Holding the light below my face creates a strange, non-human look. The bridge of my nose is completely in shadow, making it look as though it belongs to a shorter-nosed animal, like a cat. My cheekbones cast shadows to the sides of my eyes, which create a slightly creepy triangular eye effect, like the facemasks robbers use in the movies. My forehead is completely dark, giving the impression that I have a non-existent forehead, or at least bangs. Overall, the shadows create a mysterious, intense effect, and morph my face into something it is not. It is clear how powerfully light affects our perceptions of shapes. Faces, which seem common and unchanging, can be totally distorted by a single light.

Photo Ob #12



















2.  uploaded by:Tajuddin

3. #allofthefeelings

4. I love the story that this photo tells. The possibilities are endless since there are so many variable factors. To me, this girl is surprised as the light breaks the horizon catching her eyes which become the brightest area of the photo. The blurred reflection on the water also contributes to the lightness of the photo. The low angled light adds intensity to the girl due to the shadows. I think she is unsure how she feels about being discovered but has been by an authoritative figure that is somewhat interrogative. The focus is taken by her eyes and face since they are the brightest thing. This is by no means the only story this woman could have. What do you think?