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Lighting Observation

  1. 2/21/17, 6:54, Times Square
  2. Walking through Times Square, I can see a wide variety of neon signs hanging off of the buildings around me. The light coming from the signs is being reflected onto the glass windows of the surrounding buildings.
  3. As I pass through the bustling crowd of Times Square, I look up and notice the neon signs that decorate almost every building around me. These signs glow red, green, yellow, and a multitude of other colors. As I turn my head to take in all of the architecture around me, I realize that the glowing light coming from the signs is being reflected onto several buildings around them. The array of colored light bouncing off of the buildings brought life to what would have otherwise been a dark and dull cityscape.

Lighting Observation #5

1. 11/24/14 at around 10:00 at a shopping strip in my local area.

2. This was a long array of shops that had neon signs, street lamps and big bright letters on the top of every shop.

3. The pitch black night surrounds the bright and highly illuminated strip around my area. Everywhere you look is a different color. The large lettering on the top of the building, entices customers to walk through their doors. From light greens, reds, violets, ambers, whites and pinks, a wide array of lights glow across the sidewalk. In the cold and dark night, this colorful and actively lit area is where you would want to be.