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Photo Observation #7


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  2. Single Subject – Single Light Source
  3. One bright light is hitting the empty coffee mug from a fairly shallow angle, casting a dark shadow. In a way, this emphasizes the notion that the cup is empty, and it is likely very early in the morning when bright lights seem even brighter because you are very tired and haven’t had any caffeine yet.

Photo Observation #9

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3. Single Artificial Light Source.

4. The ray of a spotlight is the quintessence of a single artificial light source. This one majestic beam of light can tell many stories, setting he mood for any scene. As the dark surrounds the room, the bright and conical ray lights a specific area making that subject the focal point. It shines down white beams of light and casts a blue glow around the area. The simplicity of this light wouldn’t distract and audience. Its only purpose is to highlight who is under the spot. This simple white light  can turn an ordinary actor into the star of the show.

5. Capture

Photo Observation 4



3) Lonely

4) The single spotlight struggles to shine its light through the blackness from above. All around it is just the darkness. It is completely alone, isolated from everything by the darkness which overwhelms the scene. Even still, it shines it light, and does the job for which it was intended. The light appears almost alive, and to me, seems almost melancholy for its lack of companionship with other light. Even still, it continues to shine.