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Photo Observation


2) This photo was taken by me in the summer hanging out in botanical gardens.

3) Theme: Single subject, Single light source

4) I chose this photo because the sunlight on the middle right side catches the eye. I like how the color is white and it is bright, warm, and inviting. If you look closely you can see the right side of my face slightly brighter than my left side as the sunlight reflects on my face. It is a simple selfie.

Beja Light Observation:

Date, Time, Location: Thursday Mrch 17th, 2011; 10:00 PMish, in a garage

Objective Description: Single light in garage corner

Subjective Description: on my journey to retrieve plastic cups from the garage I became intrigued by a lighting moment. The single light in the corner of the garage made a mysterious and curious effect. It was indeed the destination of my conquest but I was frightened of what the outcome would be due to the mystical effect.