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Photo Observation

Photographer: Melissa Fague

Single subject, single source

The front light put on the same plane as the dog in this photograph creates drama.  The focus on the dog in this lighting gives it a serious feeling, the dog seems to emerge out of the background as if pulled out of the darkness behind.  This portrait effect is developed through the placement of the light and the centering of focus on the dog.

Photo Observation

single source artificial light

This picture stood out to me because the shadow of the girl’s figure is so distorted due to the angle of light, and instead of being the typical light illuminating a figure in darkness, this still seemed to be a single source of light, but illuminated the entire shot, leaving the shadow as a negative space. The light still seems to be artificial however, as it is on about the same plane as the figure. If I had to give this photo an “idea” or meaning it would be that there is far more to a person beyond the surface and the physical, as suggested by the girl’s shadow being far larger than her body.

Photo Observation


Photo Credit:

Theme: Single-source

Description: This picture is lit from the bottom, creating an eerie effect. Bottom lighting is highly unnatural, as it lights up and casts shadows on parts of the face that are opposite that of what we see in everyday life. Something about bottom light makes this man look almost inhuman.

One of my favorite things about this photo is that you can see the shadow of this man’s eyelashes and they look so long that it almost looks like he’s wearing fake eyelashes. That doesn’t really add to the creepiness, but it’s a bit of a funny observation.



(White light)

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