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One light, Artificial

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Theme: Single source, artificial light

Description: While looking through pictures, at first glance I dismissed this photo because I originally thought it was just a drawing of a shadow. But then, I was intrigued by how the colors of the balloon was so vibrant. To which after I clicked and zoomed in the photo I noticed it was a woman standing after seeing the shadows under her feet. I found it so interesting how after learning how to use light to increase the plasticity of actors, the lighting in this photo did the opposite and gave the appearance of being completely flat.


Photo Observation 7


Photo Credit: me, this was taken last year in my high school photography class

Theme: single source, artificial light

Description: This is a photo of my classmate, Tiana. I just love this photo because I think it captures her personality perfectly. She is the type of person who is always on top of things and knows she’s great, which I think her expression shows. I also love how dramatic and timeless this photo feels. With her face showing every shade of light, from almost white, to complete black makes the photo feel intense. Also the photo feels very vintage because of the black and white, but also very modern based off of her pose and clothing. I am also very fond of the contrast not only in her face from the shadows, but how her clothing contrasts as well and is enhanced through the black and white filter.

photo ob lighting key 1

Photo Observation 7: White Christmas Hot Spot


My camera automatically took this photo while I was filming a community theatre production of White Christmas back home in Maryland.

The theme is “single source; artificial light.” There is only one light on the actor at this point in the piece, and it is artificial.

The light brings details to the surface from beneath the waves of darkness, the endless and mysterious abyss. It causes its own spots of darkness though. It penetrates and bounces back off the subject under its rays. The colors pop beneath its whitish spread and are the only thing attracting the eye in this darkness. The edges of the light fall off sharply and leave much to guess about the image. The bright, seething, and only light in this photo is the point of clarity and tension as it contrasts with the surrounding pit of blackness. It is a mysterious, bright, hot, white, harsh, light.
Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.12.54 AM