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Shining Through Mist Onto Tree

      Single Light key

Source: Me, October 21, 2016 in street island in front of Resident Buildings.

Theme: Single Subject, Single Light Source

Description: A single light shines on the tree from behind. The light gleams at an acute angle from most of the top of the tree. Behind the tree is a resident building, while on the lower right corner there is a shade of red. While the top of the tree is an intense yellow glow, there are small glimmers of white coming down.

To me, this tree symbolizes the how life may block the what can easily be seen in front of you. We can be so focused on what is in front of us that we forget the things that are easy to see behind it. It overgrows what should be important for your life. Despite this, we still see what is in front of us and not what else can come from the front.

Single Light From a Light Post Through Snow

  1. Location: Hofstra Parking Lot behind Hofstra USA, March 13, 2017 at 12:01 a.m.
  2. Objective: The light post is gleaming through the snow on top of me. There is nothing around me but a light flurry of snow. Only myself and the yellow-white light above is shown.
  3. Subjective: This light shows how isolating a snow storm can be at a university. Usually, when class is cancelled because of a storm, I have stay inside in order to keep out the cold. However, I usually will get tired of my isolation and venture out into the tundra. I believe that this light shows the possibility that there is something out there besides ice and snow.

Photo Observation


3. Single Subject – Single Light Source

4. My favorite aspect of this photo is the actual light source. The single light source in this photo is the sparkler, only allowing for part of the woman’s body to be lit. I love how it is a light source that is something other than the usual lamp or overhead light. Another aspect of this photo that I find interesting is that it is a black and white photo. This allows for there to be no color coming form the sparkler which I thought was interesting.


Photo Observation 7

  1. I took this picture of my dog in December.
  2. Theme: Single subject single light source
  3. This was taken right after we brought our new puppy home for the first time. The sun had just gone down and in our excitement we only turned on the one light above our TV. He was so wiped out that he fell asleep right after we fed him and I took this picture.

Photo Observation 7



Single subject, single light source

This is an image I pulled from a low key lighting photography tutorial. Low key photography is famous for utilizing a single light source in order to create dramatic photos. Although the subject of this photo is a bunch of apples (a pretty harmless group of objects) the dramatic lighting and popped color makes me think they are an important plot device somehow– perhaps the apples the Evil Queen gives to Snow White?

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