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Light Observation #9

  1. Wednesday, April 5 at 11:45pm in my bed in my dorm.
  2. It was completely dark out and all the lights in my room were off except the twinkle lights that hang on the wall around my bed.
  3. The hundred miniature dots of yellowish white light each give off their own faint glow and reflect off the white painted wall and the copper wire they are connected by. The lights very softly illuminate the room while the string of tiny bulbs creates a soft border around me and keeps me safe and secure as I drift off to sleep in the warm and comfortable ambiance.

Light observation

  1. Thursday, March 9, 7:00 am, in my bed.
  2. A beam of blue light reflected on my grey blanket.
  3. I was sleeping and my alarm went off to wake up. I turn around and I see a beam of this really cool dark turquoise light on my blanket really close to my face. I stared in amazement and then I looked up and my big water bottle that is the same color was sitting on the ac. The sunlight was coming through the blinds of the window and it passed through my water bottle hitting my blanket. I thought it was so astonishing, probably because I had just woken up and I see this pretty shining color out of no where. What had amazed me was how my blanket is dark and how the color shined so bright and the blue wasn’t a bright color. It was a shiny, deep, beautiful light.

Light Observation #3 – Coffee and Sleeping Medication Don’t Mix

1) February 16th, maybe 4 in the morning?, Uncle’s house in Miami, Florida

2) I was sleeping at my uncle’s house and I left the television on. The television woke me up and reflected into a sectional picture frame on the wall, perpendicular to the bed. It broke the television picture into symmetrical boxes in the picture frame.

3) I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I toss and turn, inevitably starting a war with my bouncing mind and imagination. As the television woke me up, I stayed still and looked at the wall ( I lay on my right side). There was a huge picture frame made up of many family photos, like a collage. I tried to find a picture of me or my sisters and observed the frame. The home shopping network was on and Wendy Williams was trying to sell her new necklace collection. The television reflected off of the photos, making it impossible to see what the original photo was and creating a focus onto Wendy Williams. All I could think about was “I don’t remember watching the home shopping network before I fell asleep”. I tried to recollect the events that lead to me passing out on the bed. With my mind blocked, I stared at the reflection of Wendy Williams and her extremely gaudy necklaces for 5 easy payments of $28.99. I felt like it was a mind blowing experience to be watching a reflection of the television and how it broke up into symmetrical squares. It was a different way to look at something that I became so accustomed to. I fell back asleep and woke up in the morning with the television turned off and that feeling where you try to distinguish what was a dream. I was a little dazed, but it was not a dream. I need to stop drinking coffee right before I go to bed.