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Lighting Observation 1

  1. Thursday 7:10am in my dorm room. I had just been woken up by my roommate.
  2. The light was orange in color and it was slipping through the open spaces of the shades on my window. Just a small amount of light was peaking through a few of the spaces in the corner of the shade.
  3. The light was a bright tangerine orange. I couldn’t see its source, but I knew it was the sun leaking in to the cracks of the shades and invading the small piece of the window sill with its faded value. Anger and hatred filled the room. The last thing I wanted to see at that time was sunlight. Sunlight indicated the day had started and it was time to stop sleeping. How dare the sunlight sneak into my room and disturb my sweet slumber.

Light Observation #11 – My suitemate is an ALIEN!

0April 25th, 2012 – 3:30AM – South Campus

There was a red light illuminating behind Roosevelt in the sky.

So the one thing I seem to constantly write about in these posts are the lights I see when I cannot sleep and go on walks. They always calm me down and tire me out so when I get back I can fall straight to sleep. I decided instead of walking around North Campus today, to walk around South Campus around all the academic buildings. I started to walk towards Emily Lowe and when I got there I was still energized. I decided to walk around the quad in front of Adams for a bit. This did not make me drowsy at all so I continued on to the quad in front of Roosevelt. It is here where I thought in my hidden exhaustion that I was going to be abducted by aliens. Yes, Aliens! Behind Roosevelt in the sky was an illuminating red light. It was beating at the steady pace of my heart. It filled the sky behind Roosevelt. It was a very solid red and I thought to myself, I am going to be abducted. You see, I saw “The Forth Kind” when it first came out and it was very scary to me. Apparently, aliens only abduct humans at 3:33AM. It was 3:32AM. I just stood there, looking at the beats of red, as they kept beating in the sky. It seemed so perfect behind Roosevelt as well, the perfect backdrop for an abduction. Soon, the light drifted away and I looked at my phone. It was 3:50AM. I had been abducted. No, really! After I got back to my dorm, my suitemate was still awake. I explained to him what happened and then he told me that he saw the light too. It was a police siren. I don’t believe that though. That is what the aliens want me to think. I think my suitemate is an alien. But I know better. It was aliens!

Lighting Moment #8 Lee Moore

1. 10-23-2012, 2:00AM, The Unispan

2. The late night unispan lights made the structure seem as if it went on forever.

3. Walking home after a late night in the studio is always hard. Bed seems interminably far away. Crossing the unispan last night, I noticed the perfectly straight, even row of fluorescents above me. A long line of lit up ants, stretching across the brownish ceiling, the perspective made it look like the unispan would never end. They line up like lane dividers in the desert, when the road is perfectly straight, and no car is coming your way for miles. staring at their bright, cool light, you were on an endless road, no idea where you will end up, trudging your way towards sleep, and perhaps, trudging your way towards possibility.

Light Observation # 5 – Lee Moore

1. 2-26-2012, 11:30AM, Nassau/Suffolk

2. The midmorning light projected the shadows of trees across the ceiling.

3. Sunday mornings are a beautiful thing. Waking up at 9.00 AM and knowing you can just roll over and sleep longer in the sun is one of my favorite feelings. Around 11, I sleepily opened my eyes to snuggle further under the covers only to be confronted by a window square of light hovering on the ceiling just above my toes. The branches outside the window left crisscrossed shadows across the light. The black and white projection on the ceiling looked like two color paper cut art right out of a story book. Through my blurry sleep vision, it looked like a door into a fairy world, just out of reach. Snow White’s forest floating in light.  This natural gobo effect in winter morning sunlight was simple lighting magic.

Light Observation!

Tuesday 14 February, 2012 (any night, really)
My dorm room
Around 1:30 am

The blinds are down over our 9′-0″ x 4′-0″ window, slats pointed up. The orangeish-red of the lampposts outside and down seven stories gently furnishes our room. Faint stripes of orange are visible across the far upper wall and ceiling and the room is cast in a subtle orange glow mixed in with the dark of nighttime.

I’m reminded of just how awake I am this late at night. The room is never in the full black of night, the way the campus is never unlit. Artificial light seeps into every corner making it quite easy to move about when my roommate’s asleep, regardless of the vain attempt of sleep-worthy dark. The campus is never fully asleep, even when it’s inhabitants are. It can’t be to ensure a respectable amount of safety. In a way it’s comforting – nothing is ever unseen, hardly anything is missed. But for now all I can think is how my eyes are still open, fully adjusted to the dark, and I can still make out all the details of my shoe rack, vaguely tucked away into a corner. I wish I were asleep.

Photo Observation!



Back home when you wake up before the sunrise, sometimes everything around you is shrouded in fog. Usually in the late fall, winter, or early spring, when it takes the world longer to wake itself up and is still rubbing the sleep from its eyes. The way the fog in this picture is lit is just stark enough to put me in mind of those sleepy, frigid mornings of home. Early morning sunlight is even reflecting off the water, making the entire picture look as if it’s caught in the glare of the sun and adding to the overall haziness created by the fog. The black and white also adds to the overall feeling of cold. I also like ducks.