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Light Observation

  1. In the Bronx, sitting in the car Wednesday 3/15/17 at 1:30 am.
  2. Bits and pieces of ices scattered all over the window in a nicely form. The street light was hitting directly at it and it made the ice glow like stars.
  3. I was on my way to Hofstra really early in the morning after the snow storm had passed. My dad was breaking the ice from the windshield and scrapping it off. On my side of the window I noticed just little pieces of ice all over. The street light was beaming right on it making the ice stand out. It actually looked like an ombre because some pieces were glowing and some were did not get hit by the light. When I was analyzing the ice it didn’t even look like ice to me. The ice looked like sparkles and it reminded me of prom dresses that I was looking at a while back with sparkles shining all over in a pattern. It was actually really pretty I took pictures of this lighting moment.

Photo Observation


Photo Credit: Me!

Theme: Fun

Description: This photograph was taken at the Met when I went to see an opera on Wednesday. This creative chandelier immediately captured my attention. In addition to this chandelier, there were several smaller ones like it inside the theater. It’s much more fun-looking than a traditional chandelier because it looks like big, shiny snowflakes instead of just an elaborate glass lamp. It also reminded me of winter, which is a season that is always fun and enjoyable for me because it means spending time with family.  And let’s be real, there’s really nothing more fun than snowballs made of incandescent glitter.

Lighting Observation #6 – Christmas Tree

1. 12/11/13 at around 7:00 p.m. in my living room.

2. A tall green evergreen tree with multi-colored lights, ribbons, ornaments and a star on top.

3. The highlight of the Christmas season is when I see my family’s beautiful Christmas tree shining for the first time. The tree is always covered with twinkling rope lights. The tree sparkles with colors varying from reds, yellows, greens, violets, golds, silvers, and pinks. These colors reflected off the glimmering silver tinsel which is wrapped around the lush branches. The ornaments dangle and complement the vibrant colors of the blinking lights. The star atop the tree is really a sight to see. It glows a wonderful shining gold that truly encompasses the natural beauty of the tree.