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Photo Observation #8 – Springtime for Tanner and Jersey

Photo taken by Tanner Alvarez. Taken in Brielle, NJ April 20th 2011 at 5PM


I love my home. I really didn’t appreciate it as much until I went to college. Spring to me is a time of relaxation and reflection. The season takes a toll on me for the better. I constantly feel happy in the spring, opposite to the winter. It is a time for me to reflect all that I accomplished this year, and what I will accomplish next year. This is one of the things I miss the most. This is a view from my house, overlooking Debbie’s Creek. It has quite a macabre story. It is about a girl named Debbie who went out canoeing one day and mysteriously vanished. Her canoe was found in the middle of the creek. Besides the scary story, the view is breathtaking and it is very relaxing to sit near the creek, in the late afternoon, and just reflect upon the day. The light blue sky is such a perfect blend of white and blue. It gives off this calming feel that lets you exert your emotion right into the creek. The sky is reflecting in the beautiful water, but this does not give the water a blue color. The water is a light tint of green. There is so much shrubbery surrounding the water as well as foliage under the water that it takes this magnificent color and pushes it to the surface for all to see. The lighting effect in this picture reminds me of relaxation. I can picture this being the background of an intimate scene in a movie. A young couple kissing for the first time, an old man remembering his deceased family, or even a young boy wondering where his father has gone off to. When I look at this pool of water, I want to just sit back and reflect on my life. It has that effect. One of my favorite things to do in the Spring is to go canoeing into the middle of the creek, and read. This is my time. Time to build my mind and spirit. A time of replenishment. A time to just relax and wonder how I can improve as a person. This is my Spring. This is my Brielle, New Jersey

Photo Ob #8

2., by: Elena Blokhina

3. Spring

4. The beginning of spring makes outside come alive, be it ready or not, especially where I come from thus the flowers coming out of the snow. Despite the subject of this photo, spring lighting always seems so bright cause its reflecting colors that our eyes have been missing since the fall. Everything is simply brighter, almost blinding. It can be warm and inviting as the flowers reach upwards craving the life giving sun.


Photo Observation 8


3. spring

4. The spring in Massachusetts is always rainy and wet. This leads to really breen grass and if you are lucky, a sunny shower with a huge rainbow. I remember when I was little, me and my mom were driving home and it started to rain. We got a little further up the road to a field and in the field was a huge, full rainbow. It was the first time I had ever seen a full rainbow before so now I associate spring with sun storms and rainbows. The light is always bright and the rainbows are always brilliant.

photo observation 8


It isn’t really spring for me until I get to mow our lawn. That is really the start of the season for me, so naturally that is what I chose a picture of. The girl and mower are protected from the sun by trees, but it finds places to poke through the leaves. It is one of those spring days where the sun isn’t terribly high in the sky so it is warm but it isn’t beating down on you and the shade stays very cool. The light that hits the leaves and the small section of grass make all of the plants various shades of green which I feel like emphasizes the rebirth of spring. I don’t know if this means spring to anyone else but I am sitting here putting myself into this girl’s shoes in my backyard.


Photo Observation!


THEME: Spring!

One of the biggest signs of spring for me is the smells. Washington is covered with floral life, flowers and trees and greenery, oh my! So when spring rolls around there is an abundance of fragrances from the various flowers in the area. Spring also brings with it Seattle’s ever-present precipitation, but this time it’s floral-scented. This picture really captures spring for me, with flowering trees and last night’s rain visible on the street and all of the bright, warm, saturated colors. Everything is overexposed and radiant, from the sky to the sunlight reflected in the damp of the concrete, as well as what caught the orange bug the night before. Everything is gleaming and brilliant and renewed – just like spring.

Photo Observation #8

2) Photo taken by Nic Christopher. Taken in Vancouver Canada March 22nd 2010, at approximantly 9:30 AM

3) THEME: Spring

4) DESCRIPTION: This is a photo that I took two years ago while I was visiting colleges on the west coast. This was taken when I was  walking around on Granville Island with my parents one morning. It was a nice and very bright sunshiny day and it had been cold and rainy the night before. The ground was wet but the weather was quickly warming up and it was an absolute beautiful day outside. We were three days into spring and it was an absolute beautiful sight because all of the bright flowers were at their peak in Vancouver. I wandered around looking through shops with my parents and stopped every five seconds to snap pictures of all of the blossoming flowers that were around us.

This picture is a perfect image to capture what springtime is to me. My birthday is tomorrow, March 20th, the first day of spring. Whenever I see flowers blooming, robins laying their eggs and baby calfs being born I know it is time for me to celebrate my birthday once more. This is my favorite time of year with the cool nights and the warm days. It is warm enough to wear shorts but still be comfortable when you sleep because it cools off nicely once the sun goes down. This picture perfectly captures this contrasting temperature and feeling of spring time for me. Seeing this vibrant and pure yellow flower blossoming from the still somewhat frozen ground was so beautiful. The flowers that bloom at this time of day are so hearty yet look so delicate and are that fresh reminder that free summer nights are just around the corner. The bright and super saturated green behind the flower pedals offers, yet again, one more reminder of that pure and vivid green of summer lawns lazy days. The light is so brilliant and pure in this image allowing for such extreme color saturation and such high contrast from the background to the image of the flower. One final piece that is so beautiful in this image is the dew that has collected on the petals of the flower. I personally have never seen this much dew on one single object before in my life. The dew is the piece of the image that makes it so unique and so special to me. The way that the light catches the surface of the water gives the image that extra depth and texture, all because of the cold nights and warm day that only the spring air can bring. The dew catches the sunlight in such a way that the reflections of the sun’s rays off of the yellow make the image glow and you can almost feel the warmth radiating off of the flower from the magnification of the droplets of water.


Lighting Observation 8.1

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 3/20/12 – 2:27AM – Parking lot between Van der Poel and Netherlands.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was walking back to my room in the early morning on the 20th. I was walking across the parking lot on the North side of campus with a few friends. The fog was really thick and the street lights were illuminating the fog and creating silhouettes against the trees.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: In the wee hours of the morning on the first day of spring I had an unreal lighting moment. It was my birthday, I wanted to go out for a walk and enjoy the wonderful night that we were having. I walked with a friend all the way to the quidditch field beyond the fitness center. We walked for about half an hour enjoying the spring time air and the birds that were chirping and the bunnies that were running all over the fields at 2:00 AM. It was a very cool time to be out when it seemed that most people were asleep yet there was all of this wildlife and all of these other critters wondering around. As we walked the fog began to roll in and continued to get denser and denser. It created an almost erie feeling as all of the sudden we were closed off from the world around us and brought into the close confines of just the field and the leaping bunnies at our feet. We laid down in the grass and absorbed all of the things around us, the sounds, the lights, the cars, the bunnies and the birds chirping like as if the sun was rising on a hot summer day.

After a while of laying down we decided it was late enough that we should get some junk food from HofUsa and call it a night. We began to wander back toward the fitness center and back toward the Netherlands. After getting food we passed Van der poel tower and began our walk across the large parking lot. The fog was really dense and heavy all around campus. We could not even see the tops of the towers it was so thick. The street lights were glowing bright and illuminating all of the particles of water that were floating all around us. As we passed some naked trees in a little bank of rocks in between parking lots, I noticed just how beautiful this image really was. The orangish glow from the light bulbs was broadcasting starbursts of light in all directions. When I aligned myself with a tree between me and one of the lamps, I noticed what an amazing silhouette had been created. With the light bursting out from the street lamp it added the only color into the night sky. The tree was completely black and baren against the orange and grey backdrop of the glowing fog. As we continued to walk I noticed that each branch had cast its own individual shadow that I could follow the distinct shape of all the way to the ground. There were beams of light bursting through each branch creating bright and dark lines radiating from the lamp to the tree to the ground. It was a spactacular sight and I was so happy I decided to take the walk to celebrate my birthday.


Lighting Observation 8 A

1.) 3/24/11 – 12:15 ish – outside Dempster, near Breslin

2.) Sunny light on a patch snow and daffodils

3.) This was the quintessential “Spring” moment for me, it was bright and sunny, a pale yellow morning/ spring hue beaming happily on tiny little daffodils smiling up at the light. And on the ground nearby was snow melting, dissipating in the soft warmth of midday sun. It was everything spring symbolizes to me in that moment, the softness of spring and new birth in that pale yellow light encouraging the life of the flower and overcoming the biting snow with its warm beams. It made me feel happy and warm. 🙂

2nd Light Observation Week 1

1)  02/03/11 at 10:00am in a classroom in the basement of Davison

2) Sunlight down a tunnel leading from the classroom window to the surface

3) As the light from the morning sun trickled down the damp, moss green, cracked concrete of the tunnel an uneasy anxiousness began to stir inside me. I felt trapped within in a cell with nothing but harmful flourscent light and this small glimpse to the world above. Escape, at this moment, seemed impossible. The urge to feel the sun on my skin and to look at the blue sky was incredible. The distance seemed infinite.