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Photo Observation #8

1. Stage Lighting II


3. Desire.

4. It’s no secret that almost everyone’s desire is to be on the big stage. The bright, white lights that surround the enthusiastic singer from ten different angles around him. These lights make him the center of attention. Four blue spotlights hang from the very top of stage, beaming down on the stage, giving it a serene and “cool” feel. All the lights on stage illuminate the action on stage and light up the darkness that surrounds the wild audience. The lighting on the singers and the stage indicates that it is their time to shine.

5. Capture

Photo Observation – Max Cerci

Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 8.15.25 PM

2) Taken by me at Madison Square Garden

3) Nightlife

4) This photo epitomizes the nightlife theme. The lights hitting the stage illuminate the singer (Ed Sheeran) in mid performance, clearly high in energy, with a warm, intense feel. The crowd, is illuminated with a cold blue and a spotted (gobo?) texture giving a feeling of a bunch of little things (people) making up a whole, bigger entity (crowd). Lastly, I though the white rays of light at the top of the stage protruding out into the audience was symbolic of the energy and music being thrown out into the crowd.

Lighting Observation #2

1. February 4th 2014 at around 7:30 at Take-One Theaters.

2. A bright white light coming from an ellipsoidal reflector spotlight. It is a warm, circular and luminous spot.

3. When I stood under the spotlight, the atmosphere was overwhelming. I felt like a star. The long, white beam of light shone down on me and suddenly, I was the center of attention. I was the most important actor on that stage. As the brightness of the light rose, so did my confidence. As I moved on stage, the shimmering glow of the spot followed my every footstep. This simple, conical strand of light put me on top of the world.

Photo Observation #11

1) 700-01120521


3) Theme: In The Spotlight

4) This picture I felt fit this theme great because the guy is in the spotlight. The spotlight shows the man on the stage and it is not difficult to see what he is wearing and how he is reacting. Looking at this picture, gives me a welcoming feeling and it looks like an introduction to a show. This man could be a host and is always in the spotlight because he is the leader of the show.


Spotlight Picture 2 (2013)

Lighting Observation #6 – The Unknown Spiegel

1)March 8th, 2012 – 4:15 – Spiegel Theater

2)Alli Fair and I were chosen to help Meaghan Maloney during Royston’s directing class by acting out a scene. The onstage lights made it near impossible to see the

3) There is a reason why I am not a performance major, and the lucky group of people in Royston’s directing class got to witness a performance by Alli Fairchild and myself. After climbing to the stage, I looked out to the audience and was blinded by the bright white lights. All I could see was the silhouette of every member of the crowd. The bright light filled the top of my vision with blinding light. It gave an ominous yet holy feel to the situation. The feeling and effect can be freezing. Stage lights are a huge cause of stage fright. I could not see who was in the audience, it adds a sense of mystery and causes one to wonder, the imagination goes wild. What is in the unknown?