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Light Observation

  1. Today March 2 at 5:30 pm in CV star on the roof.
  2. Light coming through the telescope from the sky.
  3. In class we were doing an observation and looking at the moon an we saw a really bright little light in the sky. When we looked in the telescope and it was a star. I never seen a star close up before and it was amazing to see. It reminded me of this class because it was white but you can see the rays of rainbow and all different colors coming from the center. All the prime colors mixed together make white. It was simple and beautiful.

Photo Observation #4: Hot as Oranges in Florida


I found this image online. It can be found at

The lighting theme is hot.

Orange, red, and yellow may be cooler in terms of degrees Kelvin but they are associated with warm things like the sun and fire. The big bright hues of the sky reflect the excessive warmth of the lighting. The sky is on fire, red hot. The golden ball of gaseous matter shines like the largest gem and greatest treasure in the sky and makes the sky its hue. It is yellow and white with a hint of orange like a match flame glowing bright to light a candle. It is thus a mass producer of heat parching the landscape like how a used match is charred. It silhouettes and gives a highlight of red to the things beneath it like what a dreamer might imagine the Martian landscape to look like. This red makes the world seem hot like a laser beam has been pointed at everything. The distribution is wide engulfing the entire sky and majority of the landscape in the warm colors and causing the silhouetting to occur. The light source glows with warmth, and the lighting is as hot as a bright red pepper tastes as a consequence.

Photo Observation #9

1. AAA


3. Single Artificial Light Source.

4. The ray of a spotlight is the quintessence of a single artificial light source. This one majestic beam of light can tell many stories, setting he mood for any scene. As the dark surrounds the room, the bright and conical ray lights a specific area making that subject the focal point. It shines down white beams of light and casts a blue glow around the area. The simplicity of this light wouldn’t distract and audience. Its only purpose is to highlight who is under the spot. This simple white light  can turn an ordinary actor into the star of the show.

5. Capture

Lighting Observation #8

1. March 7th 2014 at around 8:30 at Take-One Theatres.

2. A long rectangular strip of lights that flash colors of cyan and red. Along with it is a bright, white spotlight.

3. On a Friday night, Take-One Theatres opened up their first show of ‘Peter Pan’. To make our flying scene magical we used a massive strip of lights that illuminated the space our Peter “flew” around. The light blinked bright, saturated reds and blues around the stage, generating a warm and exciting aura to the show. As Peter Pan whizzed around, a bright, white light shone down upon her, making her the star of the moment. The astonishing lighting made her the center of attention and helped the audience feel the magic of the moment.

Lighting Observation #6 – Christmas Tree

1. 12/11/13 at around 7:00 p.m. in my living room.

2. A tall green evergreen tree with multi-colored lights, ribbons, ornaments and a star on top.

3. The highlight of the Christmas season is when I see my family’s beautiful Christmas tree shining for the first time. The tree is always covered with twinkling rope lights. The tree sparkles with colors varying from reds, yellows, greens, violets, golds, silvers, and pinks. These colors reflected off the glimmering silver tinsel which is wrapped around the lush branches. The ornaments dangle and complement the vibrant colors of the blinking lights. The star atop the tree is really a sight to see. It glows a wonderful shining gold that truly encompasses the natural beauty of the tree.

Lighting Observation #2

1. February 4th 2014 at around 7:30 at Take-One Theaters.

2. A bright white light coming from an ellipsoidal reflector spotlight. It is a warm, circular and luminous spot.

3. When I stood under the spotlight, the atmosphere was overwhelming. I felt like a star. The long, white beam of light shone down on me and suddenly, I was the center of attention. I was the most important actor on that stage. As the brightness of the light rose, so did my confidence. As I moved on stage, the shimmering glow of the spot followed my every footstep. This simple, conical strand of light put me on top of the world.

“The Sun” Photo Observation


2) Science Website

3) THEME: The Sun

4) DESCRIPTION: The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the sun is that to us it appears to be just a glowing ball. This picture is a close up showing the sun as star. The light within this picture is radiating from the sun itself. This gives it a very omniscient and powerful feeling. It is intense, strong, and pulls you in.