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Light Observation 5.2 (The Starburst Sunset)

1)  2/28/2012 – 6:22 – Just outside admissions building walking toward “Netherspan.”

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was walking back to my room and the sun had just set. The sky was blue and orange and the clouds were white and pointed outward in the sky. The blue and orange light split behind the netherspann so the upper sky was blue and the lower sky was orange.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was walking back to my room after class on tuesday to meet my roommate for dinner. I was quickly rushing from Lowe to the turnpike in order for me to cross the street and get to the netherlands as quickly as possible. I happened to glance up towards the “Netherspann” and then back down; I had to take a double take to look back up at the sky. The sun had just set and all of the typical “sunset colors” were strewn across the sky. The muted oranges, looking like watercolors were streaked across the lowest part of the sky. In the upper part of the sky there was a muted blue color that looked to be of the same watercolor look. From my vantage point, the “Netherspann” was dividing the sky; the lower part of the sky was the orange and upper was blue. The structure seemed to fall right in between the two colors to seem them together flawlessly.

What seemed to really enhance this image was the clouds. The clouds were light but covered the entirety of the sky. from where I was standing the clouds were able to catch the light from the sky in the perfect pattern that make the sky literally look like it was exploding from the lowest part upward, into the blue of the sky above me. This pattern looked like a starburst or like a metal explosion shooting white shards across the late afternoon sky. The clouds were hardly thick enough to notice; the moon was clearly seen above me but it was simply the angle that the sun was catching the clouds that made them glow white in all directions. It was a magnificent scene and one of the most beautiful sights I could ever imagine seeing (over Hempstead at least).