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Lighting Observation 2 (Week 5)

1)   2/28/11 – about 1 o’clock pm – Outside of Bits

2)   The gray colored sky shining grayish colored light.

3)   I just finished getting lunch at bits and I walked out side.  While out side I found that the lighting was very emotional.  The light was gray and stark which gave a sad feeling and cold too.  The gray white color of the light, which seemed to come from a hidden source, reminded me of the fluorescent lights in our classroom and how when turned they make it feel like a prison, against the concrete walls.  They both had a similar color temperature and they really expressed a feeling of loneliness.  We have had a few rainy days here and there and they have had a similar light but for some reason this particular moment really got to me emotionally in terms of feeling the effects of the light.  This was an instance where light can really set the mood.