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Photo Observation #4

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This photo is mysterious because you can only see under the street lamps, you can’t see what is in the woods. The trees are outlined by the dark blue sky. The people walking in the background could be anyone. Are they a couple on a walk? Or hitmen going to claim their next victim? Everything outside of the street lights warm beam is a mystery…

Light Observation 1

1) February 2nd, 1:35am, window next to my bed

2) The bright orange light is from the street lamp outside my window that happens to be at the perfect height to shine right in my face as I am trying to sleep.

3) As I was laying in bed, ready to fall asleep so that I could get up bright and early at 8am, I noticed that someone had flipped my blinds so that the warm orange light from the street lamp outside the window I sleep next to, making it impossible for me to get some well-deserved shuteye. As I was laying there, feeling annoyed that this was happening, but also too tired to want to fix it, I noticed that there were streams of light that caught the dust I kicked off my blanket that had been sitting on my bed for six weeks during winter break, making the light seem solid, like I could grab it and throw it away so that it would stop bothering me and let me get some sleep.

Light Observation 2

1) 2/6/13 Netherlands North Courtyard, 5:30 P.M.

2) At this time the sun was slowly fading, setting and moving behind clouds. There was a dark blue in the sky giving just enough light for visibility, yet dark enough for the lamp-post lights to come on and their light be noticeable. Each lamp-post was, in contrast to the rest of the light environment, very bright at the top. Directly underneath the lamp, the pole and a circle around the post was covered in shadow. Outside of this ring of shadow, a pattern of straight lines of light formed on the ground, dispersing outward and blending with the remainder of the sunlight. This was happening at each lamp-post. The edge of each ring of light coming from each lamp-post in the courtyard barely overlapped each other and gave the illusion of a path.

3) Stepping out from the Netherlands building I could clearly see the path laid out in front of me. The light on the ground was inviting and showed me a way. But it also said something else. Even at the heart of the circles of light there was still shadow. Amidst light there is darkness. Looking up into the sky at the fading daylight I thought the same thing. Behind the darkness there is light. The two are intertwined so much so that as one fades the other grows to take its place. As the sun sets the street lights come up to give the illusion of day and to provide necessary light. When the sun rises shadows come to provide shade and a contrast the light.

Light Observation #2

1) 2/6/13, 7:45pm, Hofstra Student Center (outside)

2) There is a lamp that is outside of the student center. This lamp shines all around the front entrance. As people are walking into the building and out of the building, you can see their shadows on the ground from the light shining. The light is reflecting off the person or people that are walking.

3) The lamp outside of the building is very bright and acts as a guide to help people see where they are going. It stands tall and brings to life at night the atmosphere and environment that surrounds it. When the light is off, I can imagine the area to be quiet and dark which would not add any excitement or noise to the outside of the student center.


Light Observation 3 A

1.) 2/17/11- Approx. 10:45 pm- A street near my house in Queens

2.) A street lamp directly above a weeping willow type tree and some power cords

3.) A mini sun of ambery orange light spills over the long drawn branches, it’s almost eerie yet there’s something about the warmth of the silvery orange that feels happy and inviting. The tendrils reach out like grandma’s arms stretching to embrace you and bring you into that warmth. Yet, there’s conflict to the light as just above you cannot see but for the purple/ black sky that stretches on forever, which sets me on edge.