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Misty Fields Below Street Lights

  1. Location: February 23, 12:40 am at the soccer fields near Colonial Square West entrance.
  2. Objective: Street lights are surrounding the soccer field, lighting shine down upon the layer of mist. The entire field is lit up, but is unable to penetrate into the grass.
  3. Subjective: Since there is mist covering the grass, there is the question about what is underneath it. What is hidden under the fog of night? There is a eery feeling that something is hiding underneath, wanting to get out. The look of this field makes me believe that an undead underworld or limbo is leaking into the land of the living. All in all, this misty field is a haunting sight to see.

Light Observation #6

1) 3/6/14 – Cherry Lane, Hicksville NY – approx. 11:00 PM

2)Street lights in a row along the road.

3) An infinite string of amber bulb after amber bulb stretched out before me. It was impossible to see anything else, beyond the feeble illumination my headlights offered. The road seemed to have no end, suggesting instead that if one were to try to reach the end of the street, his legs would be weak and battered before he made any progress.

Light Observation #2

1) 2/5/13, 7:19pm, Antony and Cleopatra Rehearsal, Lowe 106


2) Outside the closest window, across the parking lot, there is a streetlight, and the circle of light emitting from it is reflected in each of the vehicles below.


3) The streetlight outside emits a warm, orange light. You can’t quite see the light itself through the tree next to the window, but the sepia color tints the entire picture of the parking lot. The lot looks calm, and beckoning, compared to the more intense environment of the rehearsal inside, and the bright white frame of the window. It looks almost like an old fashioned, black and white movie, except for the modern cars, which adds to the feeling of being away from chaos. Along the rows of cars, the circle of light from the lamp is reflected in bright, round shapes, and the reflections are reminiscent of reflections of the sun during the day. Because of the lighting, the parking lot is still warm and inviting, despite the fact that the sun has long gone down.

Light Observation 2, Week 2

Date, Time, Location:  February 8, 6:30pm, near the Payroll building.

Objective Description:  Street lamps lining and lighting a sidewalk.

Subjective Description:  As I was walking to Au Bon Pain, I looked up and found myself on a straight, street lamp-lined sidewalk.  I was struck by this image because the sidewalk and the lines the lights created were perfectly straight and looked almost like the sidewalk would go on forever.  What was especially interesting was one of the streetlights was out, so on the right side there was a sudden dark hole in the pretty lines of the walkway.  The burnt out light made the whole sidewalk appear off balance and it looked like something unfortunate might take place, as if the light was some sort of warning.