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Lighting Moment

1)2/28/14 1:15 AM Outside Emily Lowe

2) Two custodians stand around the corner of Emily Lowe near the parking lot.

3) Though leaving Lowe late at night is not a new experience for me, I rarely encounter other people. I was startled to see two large men standing just behind the corner of Emily Lowe. Their features were obscured in shadow and most of their bodies reduced to hulking masses. The streetlight in the distance lit them from behind, amber light against blackness. Their cigarettes glowed briefly, illuminating their faces only briefly.

Light Observation #1

1. 21:40 PM, January 28th 2014. The parking lot, North Campus, Hofstra University.

2. Streetlight in the parking lot.

3. As I walked through the parking lot in the middle of the night carrying my things from my old room to the new one, my face and ears hurt from the cold air. Everything around me including my blue suitcase looked colorless and yellowish like in the tunnels because of the orange streetlight filling up the whole parking lot. The sight was reminiscent of the cold winter in the airports in Europe and reminded me of the childhood with the nostalgia of traveling and being away from home.

Lighting Observation 1, Week 8

Where/ When:  Mineola Train Station, 7pm

Objective Description:  Streetlight in the rain.

Subjective Description:  The lamp created a soft orange glow that was reflected off of the falling rain.  The light looked like a beacon of peace in a chaotic world with wind, rain, and rushing trains.  The light gave a certain warmth to the air surrounding it, which contrasted the cold, greyness that enveloped the rest of the train platform.