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Light Observation

4/3/2017  8:00 PM  Student center, kitchen area

There was smoke coming from Grill’d that I was able to see because it was right below a light.  The light was a single bulb that gives off fluorescent light and it lit the smoke about a foot down from the ceiling.

The swirling cloud existed in one place.  Though it moved constantly as if it were bursting with activity, it could only live in the light from the cold sun above its head.  Without the radiation from above, the cloud would never be seen.  It was as if it were feeding on the sun and each particle in the cloud was fighting for its fill.

Lighting Observation #6

  1. Student Center back dining room, 3/9/17 in the evening
  2. I was eating lunch with a bunch of my friends and there was a strip of sunlight on my friend’s face.
  3. After having a really rough day on Thursday, this one ray of sunlight on my friend seemed like the light at the end of a tunnel. It was really relaxing and overall just made me feel a lot better about the type of day I was having.

Friday, March 11th 2016, 1:30am, Student Center

Objective: The mixture of cool fluorescent light on the walls and in some of the ceiling light fixtures, mixed with the few miscellaneous warm lights give the space an unharmonious feeling.

Subjective: The lighting in the student center is always a little bit off, but this especially shows in the darkest times of night. There is a mixture between very warm and very cool lighting fixtures, making the space feel off balance.

Lighting Observation – Max Cerci

1) 2/19/14 4:40 Walking back from the Student Center to the Netherlands.

2) The sunlights reflection off of the sidewalk.

3) As I left the student center to go back to the Netherlands, I was immediately blinded by the setting sun over the roof of the core. I couldn’t continue to look at it so I was forced to look down. It had just rained and the sunlight was reflecting off of the sidewalk like a white “red carpet” spanning from the shadow of the netherlands core, all the way to the student center. I found it very interesting that the rays of light created this one pathway along the sidewalk but no where else.


Light Observation #3

1) Feb. 12, 2012. 2:37 pm. Student Center

2) Sunlight shining thru the upper windows of the back area

3) It was a mostly cloudy day that Tuesday. I was sitting in the Student Center with a few friends eating lunch. Then the sun peeked out through the clouds and shone onto our faces. I immediately said “lighting moment” and everyone agreed. It was an indescribable sight for the sun to peer through the gray clouds, even for a moment, and brighten up my day.