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Lighting Observation #12

1. On Portion Road 5/1/2014 @ around 11:00.

2. A blue flash of lighting that lit up a dark sky with a array of house lights below it.

3. One of the many marvels of light comes from vicious thunderstorms. On my way home from a show, It began to rain. The pitch black sky suddenly became darker. However, there were moments where lighting would light up the sky and the road in front of me. The black sky suddenly became light blue in an instant. This vivacious streak of blue spanned all across the sky, beaming all across the skyline. When these beautiful strikes of light  occur, it makes the world below it glow with radiance for a brief moment. It was a stunning sight to see this wonder of nature illuminate the sky.

Lighting Observation – #7

1. October 23rd at 6:30 at Hauppauge High School’s football field

2. Bight colorful explosions in a pitch black sky.

3. Every year, I attend the homecoming game at my old high school. At the close of the game the sky is illuminated with the most spectacular fireworks display you will ever see. The dark sky explodes into a mural of bright, stunning colors. Vibrant whites, exploding reds, lavish golds, and deep blues stream across the sky and paint the darkness with vivacious hues. The alluring display dazzles me and revives my sense of Hauppauge pride. It is these lively pyrotechnics that will always draw me back to every homecoming game at Hauppauge High School.


Photo Observation #1 – Aspiring Transcendence

2. Photography of QT Luong

3. Sunsets or Sunrises

4. With the busy and seemingly endless lives that we all control, it is easy for one to become blind to natural beauty. We live in a world of where anything that we want,we create. Think about your life and all of the artificial elements that surround us. Clothing, appearances, health, and even food, we have grown accustomed to all of this being “man-made” and the list can go on and on. Now throw that out of your mind and concentrate on all of the natural elements in your life. Some may say appearance, but not all. The list seems so much more limited, which is upsetting. I am guilty of this too. But there is one natural element left in all of our lives. It is the two promises or guarentees that exist for everyone, the sun will always rise and the sun will always set.

Sunrises to me are very calming. They mark the beginning of a new day, another chance to leave our mark on this Earth. I spent countless hours on StumbleUpon Tuesday night and Wednesday night trying to find the perfect example of a sunrise (As I write this at 2 in the morning), and I believe I came pretty close with the one above. When I found this picture, I expanded it to cover the whole screen on my laptop. I then sat alone in my room and stared at it for a long time, to reflect and meditate on the blissful image of new light. The perfect yellow as it pushes the clouds away had a hypnotizing effect on me. As I looked closer I noticed the serene waves at the foot of a green covered cliff. All the plant life was reflecting their color from the brightness of the sun. The green was calm and tamed, not too bright to see the full color but not too dark to see barely any. Their was an equilibrium between the two. A sunrise is much more than a ball of fire coming into view, but a gift of emotion and meditation. The feelings one can receive from this picture are immense. I imagine sitting on the cliff overlooking this sunset, the light is shining bright as it first arises above the sea. The white clouds retain some of the yellow color and acts like a border for the sun. The mixture of the two causes one to let go of all their anxiety and stay speechless and thoughtless. These are natural colors with natural feelings. I could only imagine how I could imitate this with stage lighting to get the same emotions that I felt, from an audience.

This sunrise is a perfect example of the theme and not just because it is technically a sunrise. It is a perfect example because of the feelings and emotions that surround it. It deserves the title of a sunrise because of the natural hypnotizing colors. It completes every job a sunrise should have, hypnotizing the spectator by capturing them in raw emotion. When we are in such a state it is much easier to think at a higher level due to our exuberant emotions. Sunrises can be inspiring, soothing, a perfect set to incubate ideas. It can cause one to feel so energized and powerful as the one above did to me. There was a moment of peace, not worrying about a grade or if this description is too long, but a true reflection on my life and all that I have accomplished or tried to accomplish. After meditating on this picture, I believe it let me reach a point of transcendence – going beyond ordinary limits.