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Light Observation #3

When & Where: February 14th, 2017 / Constitution Hall Room 302

Objective Description: The suns rays were beaming into the dorm room. The light was hitting everything face-front from the window, causing shadows to extend far behind each object. Everything behind a shadow is nearly invisible due to how bright the sun is.

Subjective Description: The scene was intense and arrested my view as the sun shined directly in the dorm. It was as if the suns rays were flooding like water in the room and anything in it’s way were rocks in the stream.

Photo Observation #10

Taken from:


I chose this because when I think of summer I think of the beach and sunsets and no cares. I think this photo really summarizes that all up. I really like the sun is the main focus. I really like how it’s the only light source and how its changing the color of everything. It makes the sky and the water orangey. It has a very calm feeling about the whole picture and I really like that about it.

Photo Observation


  1. I choose this picture from my phone and it was taken when me and my little sister were at the beach in Rye Playland around August.
  2. Summer
  3. When I think of summer I absolutely think of the beach, mostly because it is my favorite place. Besides the fact I love the beach I choose this picture for other reasons. You can see where the sun is coming from on the right side of the picture because how bright my face is and how much darker my sister’s body is because she is turned away from the light. I can tell the time this photo was taken because of the direction of the sun. When the sun was on the left it was morning and as the day got later it shifted to the right. Considering the sun is on the right side it was most likely late afternoon around 3 or 4. I also love on the the sun makes a reflection os me and my sister in the wet sand. This photo also reminds me of when I would sit by the shore line and admire the rocks and when the sun shine hit the rocks it would shine brightly like crystals. The shinning rocks would be my favorite lighting moment in the summer.

Photo Observation

  2. Happy
  3. A tropical island is my happy place reasons why I choose this for the theme. I love how blue the water is and you can see its clear as you can see the sand. The blue water and green trees to me go together. Blue and green are two colors that set well. The sun shining in the middle top makes me feel warm, my favorite season is summer. I like how the sun rays is reflecting off the trees a bit making the green fade into a yellow. I admire the green, blue, and yellow because it relaxes me and reminds me of vacation and that makes me happy.

Photo Observation #6

  1. This is a photo by Rick Anderson found at
  1. HAPPY!
  1. Somewhere in Central Park, a joyful and fun-filled day is coming to a close. The sun is still bright; it soaks the park-goers in a warm glow of friendship, relaxation, and happiness. Both the leaves from the trees and the balloons from the picnic are saturated with the sun’s powerful radiance that creates a map of colors across the grass. Slowly, the light is fading away, but the happiness of the day will linger when it is gone.

Lighting Observation

  1. 2/2/17, 2:20 pm, Axinn Library
  2. Objective: I was in the quiet section of the Axinn library in the afternoon. I was sitting in a cubicle close to the large glass windows facing Davinson Hall. The sun was shining into the library and onto the nearby cubicles. The shadows that the trees cast came through and onto the cubicles as well.
  3. Subjective: The dullness of the quiet room in Axinn was cut by the glow of the sunlight coming through the wall of glass windows. The shadows of tree branches that fell onto my cubicle provided some relief from the strong rays of the sun. This transformed the dreary feeling of the room and gave it some animation.

Lighting Observation 5

  1. Thursday, March 2, 6:08 am, My bed
  2. Bright light coming from the window.
  3. I was lying in bed, still asleep as I had about two hours before I had to get up, when all of the sudden the heavy wind outside blew the cloud away that was blocking the sun from my window. It felt like the light of a thousand suns burning past my eyelids and into my eyes, waking me up despite the blinds being closed. I didn’t know what was happening at first, I was being forced awake far earlier than my brain could comprehend. I felt disoriented, but as my brain began to catch up with my eyes, I felt angry. I was angry at the wind that was now loud enough to keep me awake, angry at the sun for being too bright, and I felt angry at Hofstra for giving us low-quality blinds without allowing us to cover the windows with anything else.

Lighting Observation

  1.  2/16/17, 3:47 pm, sitting on the bench outside of Davison Hall
  2. Objective Description: The sun was shining through the trees behind Hofstra Hall. The light squeezed between the branches of the tree and lit up the area where the bench was located.
  3. Subjective Description: The light shining in between the branches casts scattered light on all of the surrounding objects. Warm rays of yellow and orange brightened the entire area. The speckled light combined with the surrounding nature created a peaceful environment.

Light Observation #2

  1. Thursday, February 9 at 12:30pm sitting in my bed in Hague house in the Netherlands Complex.
  2. The lights in my room were off and the blinds on the window were shut, but the bright white light from the snowy scene outside shone through and lit up the room.
  3. I woke up to find that the midday sun was shining brightly, enjoying itself and having fun bouncing around in the newly snow-covered world. Its happiness was contagious as the sun reached through my blinds, saturating my room with a bright white glow. My sleepy eyes adjusted as the vivid colors of my room were illuminated by the cheerfulness of a new day.

Light Observation #2

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: Feb 5th, 5pm, walking home from class.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The sun was beginning to set.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The sun has begun its decent. Soon there will be nothing but darkness to surround me. The heat is leaving and the cold is sneaking up on me. As blue fades to red and red fades to black I pull my jacket a little tighter around me, I walk a little faster. Each color seems to chase the previous color out of the sky, making way for a new show of brilliance. The colors have begun to mix, mixing so much I can no longer tell where one color ends and the other begins. The sky is on fire.