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light observation

1) March 15th – 7:15 am

2) The sunrise is shining through my window, illuminating my lamp, which was turned on as I woke up before sunrise, and the shadow of the lamp on the wall is interesting because it’s one of those multiple-bulb lamps with only a few bulbs on at a time, so like, some of the shadow is brighter than the other part of it, because it’s a shadow from the sun, but the light of the lamp illuminates it, and also, the light of the lamp is fluorescent white light, whereas the sun is throwing a very yellow/gold hue on the wall.

3) Well what I think is cool subjectively about this is that it’s kind of almost like a section of the wall as it was before the sun rose, being preserved into the daytime. Ignoring the fact that the sunlight is indeed reflecting off of everything and also passing through the translucent parts of my lamp, it’s kind of like a cut section of the wall from an earlier time – cause the sunlight isn’t affecting it, but the lamp light still is, whereas all around it, the sun is bright enough to not be able to see the lamp light at all affecting the wall. So that’s cool. I guess the emotion I’d put there is like, determined, like, the lighting itself from the early morning is determined to preserve itself through the day. Until, well, I turn off my lamp, I guess.

Photo Observation

Taken: By Me

Theme: Sunrise/Sunset

Description: This was taken when a couple friends and I randomly decided to see the sunrise after a long night during finals week last semester. Getting there it was quite windy and chilly but the warmth from the rays, as we looked out to see the wiggles of the sand, and the waves crashing back and forth was simply soothing.

Grand Canyon Sunset – Tia


Photo Credit: Tia Harewood-Millington

Theme: Sunrise/Sunset

Description: this photo was taken right at the beginning of sunset over the Grand Canyon on my road trip last summer. It displays the usual colors that one would associate with a sunset; oranges, yellows, and occasional pinks.

Virtual Light Lab Assignment

Malibu Sunset


This warm gradient reminds me of the sunset of a cool season in a hot place like Malibu. The colors I used are not hot enough to evoke a summertime feeling. I avoided intense reds or oranges and tried to blend softer warm shades. I tried to put the blues of the top and the pinks and oranges of the bottom on the model at different angles to immerse her in the fading sunlight.

AP2190 75%

27 Degree Elevation

In the light lab:

12 feet above the deck, 12 feet stage right of model, Direct sidelight to model, 13 foot throw


AP4500 64%

48 Degree Elevation, 37 Degree side

In the light lab:

17 feet above the deck, 6 feet stage right of model, 8 feet downstage of model, 15 feet throw


G810 50%

52 degree elevation angle, 21 degree back angle

Light lab:

17 feet above the deck, 3 feet stage left of model, 8 feet upstage of model, 14 foot throw


G160 60%

48 degree elevation, 37 degree side

Light lab:

17 feet above deck, 6 feet stage left of model, 8 feet downstage of model, 15 foot throw


AP7850 50%

0 degree elevation, 6 feet above the deck

12 feet stage left of model, Direct sidelight to model, 12 foot throw


CYC: G842 30%

L075 75%

L019 15%

R21 51%


Lower: L075 25%

RED 75%

G315 83%

L036 30%




The lighting I used for this is simple and bright. The blue sky is cloudless like the sky normally is in Mexico. Beachy daylight can be seen around the bottom which reminds me of sand. There are only two lights in the cyc because the colors of summer are generally less dynamic than the colors of fall or spring when the sun is out. I chose to shine a lot of light on the model since the sun is so bright.


NC 50%

27 degree elevation, 12 feet above deck, 12 feet stage right

Direct sidelight, 13 foot throw



48 degree elevation angle, 37 degree side angle

17 feet above above the deck, 6 feet stage right of model

8 feet downstage of model, 15 foot throw


L101 73%

48 degree elevation angle, 37 degree side angle

17 feet above the deck, 6 feet stage left of model

8 feet downstage of model, 15 foot throw



27 degree elevation angle, 12 feet above the deck

12 feet stage left of model, Direct sidelight to model

13 foot throw


New England Winter


I think of dull colors when I think winter in New England. It was challenging to not make the lighting look like death. It still kind of look like death but I was going for an overcast setting, so I used a soft shade of blue and some grays. Downstage of the model is a cream-colored light so that she is illuminated but doesn’t blend into the backdrop and look like a ghost.


R07, 75%

37 degree elevation angle, 15 feet above the deck

12 feet stage right of model, Direct sidelight to model, 15 foot throw



54 degree elevation

Direct back light


In the light lab:

17 feet above the deck, Centered on model

8 feet downstage of model, 14 foot throw


G842 75%

27 degree elevation angle, 12 feet above the deck

12 feet stage left of model, Direct sidelight to model, 13 foot throw


L258, 25%

-37 degree elevation angle, direct back light

0 feet above the deck, Centered on model

8 feet downstage of model, 10 foot throw


Maine Sunrise


This effectively portrays the mood of a Maine sunrise because the pink and blue gradient looks like the sky at dawn and the atmosphere is cool like Maine. The pink is not too warm. It reminds me of a fresh start.

AP500 75%

51 degree elevation angle


In the light lab:

17 feet above the deck, 9 feet stage right of model

Direct sidelight to model, 14 foot throw


AP830 50%

54 degree elevation

direct back light (it’s a front light…VLL got confused)


Light lab:

10 feet above the deck, Centered on model

16 feet downstage of model, 16 foot throw



43 Degree elevation, 17 feet above the deck, 12 feet stage left of model

Direct sidelight to model, 16 foot throw

Photo Observation 1



Theme: Sunset/Sunrise

The optical illusion in this photo really appealed to me. The way the sunset lights up the snow on the trees to make it appear as if it were a pink cherry tree in spring reminded me of home and a more livable season, even though the picture was taken on a winter day. It’s a reminder to me that even though I feel cold, gray, or stressed, that peace if available if I look for it. I’m also grateful that the sun is not in the image. In the other sunset photos I viewed, the sun was a very powerful and active force and wedged itself in as a focal point. In this photo, the sun is absent and I can wander the image freely. I am not opposed to powerful forces– but this is what I needed to see.

Photo Observation: Jesse (and Emily Dickinson)



Theme: Sunrise/Sunset

There are a lot of beautiful sunrise pictures out there, but I chose this one because it reminds me of one of my favorite Emily Dickinson poems:

“Will there really be a morning? Is there such a thing as day?
Could I see it from the mountains if I were as tall as they?
Has it feet like water-lilies as it feathers like a bird?
Does it come from famous countries of which I have never heard?
Oh, some scholar! Oh, some sailor! Oh, some wise man from the skies!
Please to tell this little pilgrim where the place called morning lies!”

There is something so hopeful and refreshing about this sunrise. The way the rising sun illuminates the haze over the field in the distance, and pours its light over the mountains is nothing short of majestic.×250.jpg

Photo Observation #10



3. Bête Noire

4. A sunrise is one of the most spectacular things a person can lay eyes on. However, as I’m waking up this is the last thing I want to see. As my eyes got adjusted to the pitch blackness from sleeping, I become startled when a radiant beam of yellow and white blind me with a great ray of intensity. As it peeks out the window it fills my room with blaring reds, oranges, yellows and whites that tells me it’s time to wake up. Ironically enough, this beautiful spectacle of light is something I could never look forward to seeing.

5. Capture

Lighting Observation #3 – Max Cerci

1) February 12 2014 8:45am

2) The sunrise and sunlight hitting the trees and buildings as well as reflecting off of the white snow.

3) As the sun was rising and the rays began hitting the snow, it looked almost as if the snow was a mirror. I could see the sky in the reflection of the snow and the world around me seemed unusually brighter than normal. Similarly, the way the sun was hitting the buildings and trees seemed to cast shadows onto the snow and ground causing everything to look much more 3 dimensional than usual.

Photo Observation #1 – Sunrise Over The City

1. Sunrise-New-York


3. Sunrise/Sunset

4. As the sun rises at dawn, urban-dwellers wake up early to get where they need to be. As they are on their way, they are greeted with the soothing vibrancy of the sunrise over the city. The warm reds, oranges and yellows shine down on them, giving solace to people about to have a busy day of work. The warm colors give a comforting aura. The sky around the sun glimmers with a faint but breath-taking glow from the sun. The gleaming rays brightens the day of the weary workers.

Photo Observation #1


2) From:×768-pixel.html

3) THEME: Sunrise/Sunset

4) DESCRIPTION: As the day commences, the sun begins to rise, casting its first beams of the day. Stretching out from the sun’s white center are beams of yellow, like a mane around a lion’s head. On the water, the light is reflected, appearing as almost a golden pathway to the sun. Above, the day sky has begun to arrive, the faintest of blue tones beginning to appear. Where the new sky meets the beams of light, there is an almost green hue, as often happen when blue meets yellow. Through the light, the shadow of a sailboat is revealed, its details still masked in shadow.