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Light Observation #8

  1. Wednesday, March 29 at 7pm walking west down Hempstead Turnpike, facing the east unispan and the Hofstra Dome.
  2. The sun was setting exactly behind the dome, creating a halo of light around it: white, then yellow, then orange faded into grayish blue.
  3. The sunset made the dome look majestic, angelic even, as it framed the enormous smooth white structure with a giant halo of multi-colored light. It was as if the dome reached and owned the entire sky and wanted to make sure everyone knew it. Somehow the obstruction of the very center of the sunset made the whole thing brighter, bolder, and more vibrant—it was beautiful and could not be ignored.

Light Observation #6

  1. Looking out my dorm room window towards Oak Street on March 9 at 5:30pm.
  2. I was looking out at a slight sunset over the trees, but the sky was mostly still blue witth only a little bit of faded orange towards the bottom. The moon as also visible, as well as a few clouds.
  3. Looking out the window at the end of a long day, I couldn’t help but feel like the sky mirrored by feeling of weariness as the big heavy mass of blue put all of its weight on the faint glow of orange at the horizon. The shadow of the barren trees only added to the dreary scene. But way up in the sky there were some faint clouds and a vibrant white moon that provided a glimmer of brightness and hope.

lighting observation #5

Date: 03/02/17, my dorm room windows, 5:00pm

Objective description: Sunset rays coming through my semi-closed blinds in the window in my dorm, reflecting of the blinds shiny surface.

Subjective description: As the sun retired for another night, the burnt orange rays pushed through the slits in my blinds. The force of the light coming through caused the blinds to glow orange and red as if burning from extreme heat, a radiator of the burning sun.

Lighting Observation #3

  1. Thursday, 5:30 p.m., Unispan
  2. I was walking across the unison and noticed this beautiful sunset peeking through the trees. There was a giant orange ball(the sun) that lit up everything in its path a vibrant orange and and the sky was a gradient of blue, from light to dark as you looked up.
  3. I was walking across the unison after class and looked over at this beautiful sunset that seemed to light up the entire sky. It was very calming, and made me feel warm as i had just walked through the freezing winter air. It was a beautiful ending to a very long day.

Light Observation 2

Thursday, February 9 around 5:30 PM; outside the Hague House

Sun was setting, low enough so that I couldn’t see the sun, but the sky was still rather pink, with hardly any variation, rather dim.

In the harsh cold, the sunset was a bleak disappointment.  Rather than offering any sense of warmth or comfort in the freezing air, it was plain and the pink of the sky looked as if someone had pulled a thin white sheet across the sky to dim the colors.  The pale image was no help in facing the cold.

Lighting Observation 2

  1. February 9th, 2017, Stuyvesant hall, my dorm
  2. the light from the sunset is shining into my dorm and making a rectangle shape on our closets. The light is very orange and warm. My rainbow Star of David sun catcher is glowing.
  3. The storm has settled just in time for the sun to set. The sky above it is blue and pink, and surrounding the sun are bright orange streaks. After a day of chilling weather, it makes me feel so warm. I can’t avoid smiling when I look out of the window.

Photo #1 Sunset

Red Sky at Night, Shepard’s Delight

Photo taken by me, December 23rd 2016 at Heathrow Airport.

Theme: Sunset

The highlights and shadows of the suns rays give the clouds the appearance of crashing waves across the sky crashing towards the horizon, as the setting suns glow spreads across the horizon like light reflecting on the sea.

Lighting Observation #1

  1. 2/2/17, 5:32 pm, the NAB
  2. The sun was setting, casting an orange light on the front of the NAB. The trees behind Lowe had cast a shadow on the NAB.
  3. Walking with squinting eyes to rehearsal due to the blinding sun, I look up at the NAB. The shadow that the trees had created on the NAB, cutting through the warm orange glow the sun created, was very settling. The lighting was comforting, giving the impression that the day was almost at an end. The warm, pleasant light was slowly fading and the darkness of night was welcomed.

Photo Observation #1

2. I took this photo on January 4, 2017

3. Sunset

4. This is a photo of a sunset on the ocean in Tortola. As the sun sets, a yellow reflection of light is seen on the water. The light shining through the clouds gives the picture a calming feeling. The soft glow of the setting sun creates a tranquil scene.

Photo Observation

2. found at

3. Sunrise/Sunset

4. This photo shows a sunset with lots of purple light. I really enjoy the contrast between the yellow, orange and purple. The symmetry of the photo really helps with the lighting to make it a really peaceful picture to look at.