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Photo Observation #7- I Like Turtles

Masa Ushioda took this picture for

Theme: Portrait or Strong Central Figure

I like turtles. It has been posted as my status countless times. My friends and I have a running joke that every time we hack someone’s Facebook we make their status “I like turtles”. I am not sure why, but it’s what we do. The thing is, I do like turtles. They are very majestic and protected creatures. I think it would be wonderful to just retreat into a shell whenever I felt threatened, a way to cut ties with the outside world and self-reflect for the time being. The only thing that I find wrong with that image is the fact that I face the world head on because I have no place to hide away, so I constantly fight to swim. The turtle in this picture is the focus and it shows all of his wonderful qualities such as his protective shell. The lighting gives him a positive effect. He is bathed in light from above and below, there is no darkness for him. He seems ready to fight anyone in his path and is not going to stop for anyone. The overcast light from the surface makes the focus that much richer. Even though this turtle has a shell, he is not using it to hide from the world, he charges on. He is not going to stop because he is fighting to swim. In many cases, I am this turtle and I can feel an attachment to this beautiful creature. This turtle is a survivor. He stops for no one. I like turtles.