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Light Observation #3

Date: 2/15 Time: 6:30 pm Location: Downtown Riverside, Ca


Description: Suspended over the street, large red “lanterns” hang.  The Lanterns are a somewhat-oval shape, with gold trim. The lanterns, accompanied by the yellowish light of the streetlamps and the bright blues of the car’s headlights illuminate the street.


Subjective description: Inviting and caring, the large, red lanterns draw you in with intrigue.  These beautiful, spherical-ish balls of light create intrigue and a sense of energy.  

Photo observation

2) go-Montreal website

3) Nightlife

4) this photo, of a concert of some sort shows people sort of illuminated with pink, lavender and magenta light, with their hands silhouetted by light on stage.  The light on stage sort of draws the person looking at the photograph in, drawing them to the bright white lights and the beam of light it produces contrasted with the dark, purple and pink hues of the sky in the back, and the people in the foreground


Lighting Observation 2- Tiffany

  1. Date: Thursday, February 8 Time: 11:30 pm Location: Hague room 311 lounge
  2. There is ambient light spilling into the otherwise dark room.  Through a window, there is faint peachy pink light, presumably from a nearby light.  Under a door, there is some yellow-ish white light, and from the open door of the bathroom, there is some light spilling out, just enough for someone so they don’t run into anything.
  3. The faint ambient light creates an isolating feeling, while still enough to function, the light nearly casts the room entirely in shadows.  The light from the window casts on the wall to highlight some posters and shines through a tree to create dancing shadows on the other wall.

Photo Observation 2- Tiffany

  1. From: Kylie Hope Photography
  2. Theme: shadows
  3.  The sun shines on the eight people, slightly casting them in a back light as they jump.  Their shadows are cast on the sand they are jumping from.  Due to the angle of the light, the shadows of the people appear distorted, for some, their shadows appear shorter compared to others where they are longer.

Photo Observation

  1. Title of photo: “ Los Angeles January Sunrise”

From: Los Angeles, Sunrise to Sunset

Photography by: Dain Blair

  1. Theme: Sunrise/ Sunset
  2. This photo, although filled with “unnatural colors” shows some of the beauty of sunrises and sunsets in Los Angeles.  Filled with dark blues and purples, as well as the bright and majestic blues, oranges, yellows and reds, this photo shows some of the magic that comes from pollution.  I chose this picture because of how it exemplifies the beauty of sunsets and partially of Southern California that I don’t believe others outside of Los Angeles or Southern California see.  Part of the beauty of this photo is that it exemplifies and shows how clouds and color can be a dark, bad omen, as well as bring life and beauty.

Light Observation

  1. Date: February 1, 2018, Time: 8:30pm Location: Hague 311
  2. There is a peachy-orange light shining through some semi-closed blinds on two walls, each showing the lines cast by the blinds the light is showing through.  On the far wall, the blinds cast shadows which are mostly parallel to the floor, whereas, on the side wall, the blinds cast shadows that occur at an angle, and are less defined as the shadows on the far wall.
  3. The shadows cast portray a sort- of mysterious, or eerie feel if paired with someone walking past the window, or a flickering of the light, the mood would be much scarier, however, the peachy light somewhat defeats some of the spooky-ness.