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Photo Observation 9

2. Jared Atkins/ flickr

3. Ethereal

4. I chose this photo for etherial because the way the light was on the mountains conveyed a feeling of delicacy and pristine-ness to the environment, almost as though it has never been touched.  In a way, this picture reminds me of lace in the way that it gives light, while still shading the image- like how one can see through the lace’s holes, but still see the darkness or the substance of the lace.


Lighting Observation 11

  1. 4/16 10 am Lowe 201
  2. There are no lights on in the room, so the little light illuminating the room is from the hall and the gray exterior
  3. The warm light from the hall is dominated by the cooler light coming from the gray exterior of the room where it is raining painting the room in a dark, gray, drab, and somber tone.  

Lighting Observation

1) 4/12 11:50pm Hague Lounge

2) Overhead fluorescent lights in Hague Louge. the lights cast some shadows but overall illuminates everything well

3) The bright fluorescent lights promote studying by illuminating much of everything equally and creating an uplifting environment.


Light Observation

1) April 4, sunset, my room

2) Outside my window, there is a parking lot, and past that, as the sun was setting, it silhouetted trees painting it in a beautiful gradient from blue to orange.

3) The sunset was breathtaking in the number of hues and gradient across the sky.  While the sunset was beautiful, the silhouette of the trees and the almost lacy nature of branches against the blue and orange hues and the gradient between the two gave the trees an even prettier and more delicate look.


4 Seasons Virtual Light Lab

Fall sunset in Vermont

Lights used: cyc lights (top nc@ 25%, top red @ 75%, top green @ 40%, top blue @ 10% bottom nc@25% , bottom red @ 10%, bottom green @0%, bottom blue @ 30%)

  1. Back light- R16 @ 75%- 54 degree elevation, 17 ‘ above deck, centered on model 8’ upstage of model 14’ throw
  2. front/ top light- R16@ 50%- 14 degree elevation, 10’ above deck centered on model 16’ downstage of model 16’ throw
  3. The colors of the cyc portray the sunset, whereas the little light on the model illustrates the backlit nature of sunsets.

Spring Sunrise in Gothic Cathedral

Cyc lights (top nc@ 50%, top red @ 40%, top green @ 30% , top blue @ 0% bottom nc@75% , bottom red @ 0%, bottom green @ 0%, bottom blue @ 75%)

  1. Front light- nc @50% 35 degree elevation 17’ above deck, centered on model 16’ downstage of model, 19’ throw
  2. front/ sr light- R303@75%, 48 degree elevation angle, 37 degree side angle, 17’ above deck, 6’ SR of model, 8’ DS of model 15’ throw
  3. Front/ SL light- R60 @50%, 17’ above deck, 9’ SL of model, Direct Sidelight to model, 14’ throw
  4. The progression in cool to warm colors (bottom to top) on the backdrop portray the colors seen in a sunrise, whereas the balance of warm and cool colors on the model portrays the rising of the sun and the warmth and cool nature of a sunrise.

Summer noon in Hawaii

(Blue Cyc) Cyc lights (top nc@ 75%, top red @ 0%, top green @ 0% , top blue @ 75% bottom nc@50% , bottom red @ 40%, bottom green @ 30%, bottom blue @ 20%)

  1. Front SL (AP)- R03@50%- 33 degree elevation angle, 21 degree side angle, 17’ above deck, 6’ SL of model, 16’ DS model, 20’ throw
  2. Front Nc@50%, 54 degree elevation, 17’ above deck, Centered on model, 8’ ds of model, 14’ throw
  3. Top SR @75%- 51 degree elevation angle, 17’ above deck, 9’ SR of model, Direct sidelight to model 14’ throw
  4. The blue-green nature of water, whereas the color on the model portrays the warmth of the sun as well as the cool nature of water. 


Winter afternoon in North Dakota

Cyc lights (top nc@ 50%, top red @ 25%, top green @ 30% , top blue @ 30% bottom nc@ 75% , bottom red @ 20%, bottom green @ 25%, bottom blue @ 10%)

  1. Front SL (AP)- R62@60%- 29 degree elevation angle, 37 degree side angle, 17’ above deck, 12’ SR of model, 16’ DS model, 23’ throw
  2. Top SR R03@60%- 29 degree elevation angle 37 degree side angle, 17’ above deck, 12’ SR of model, 16’ downstage of model, 23’ throw
  3. Back light R13@60%, 54 degree elevation,direct back light 17’ above deck, Centered on model, 8’ US of model, 14’ throw
  4. Front foot light R13@30%, -37 degree elevation, 0’ above deck, Centered on model, 8’ ds of model, 10’ throw
  5. The darker- nature of the top of the backdrop of cyc shows how the sun is setting, and the warmer toned light on the model portrays the warm nature of a sunset.

Lighting observation 8

  1. 3/27, dusk, Netherlands courtyard
  2. At dusk, the lights were just turning on, everything had a slightly blue-ish hue because the sun was setting and it was somewhat overcast, and the lights weren’t fully on yet.  People could still probably walk around without lights, however, it was beginning to get dark.
  3. At dusk, just as the lights were turning on to illuminate people’s way, the Netherlands courtyard was illuminated in a diffused, blue-y light, the light was light enough so that people could still walk without a flashlight or lights to light the way, however, it would soon be too dark to do so.  The light was cast in a way that it didn’t cast shadows, presumably because the sun appeared to have already retreated behind the clouds. The light shone a somewhat somber light because it was getting darker, and the connotations we have with the color blue, however, it reminded me of summer, where kids run around and play all day.

Photo observation 8

2)Michael Huey


4) This photo of the Disneyland castle at night, with winter, exemplifies to me surreality because it goes in a way, against the way most people see Disneyland, and especially the castle. Taking the castle and photographing it at night, surrounded by fog with cooler rather than warmer colors goes against how many see the castle and especially with the fog, creates a dreamlike idea in me, and makes me question in a way, “what if” in my mind, seeing the castle in the fog allows me to think about the castle in a different way in part, because the lines are blurred and not as crisp, almost as if they’re fading into the sky.

Photo Observation 7


Lauren Pisano

3) scary

4) This photo of the shadow of a person with trees illustrates “scary” and fear because of the mystery of the shadow.  The black and white nature of the photo further adds to the mystery and suspense because the observer can’t see and doesn’t know what’s about to happen.

Lighting Observation 7

  1. 3/15 / 11: 40pm / Hague House Lounge
  2. The Lights in the Hague Lounge are off, so the only light pouring in is from the hall and the tv.  The tv is so low it only casts a small, gray-ish light on the sofas nearby, the hall light, however, illuminates the lounge for about ten feet of where there’s an opening with amber-y light.
  3. Sat in the Hague Lounge, the amber light provides calmness and light to the otherwise dark room.  It provides somewhat of a sense of warmth contrasted to the little light cast from the tv and the shadow that fills the rest of the Lounge

Lighting Observation 6

  1. 3/9 5:12am my room
  2. A small incandescent light shines on the ceiling, filling the room with a dim, but still usable light.
  3. Although still dark, this light provides a cozy, comforting atmosphere to the room compared to the bright fluorescents.