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Four Season Pictures

All colors are Rosco gels.

Fall Sunset in Hawaii:

(Background at

Discussion: I liked the colors that Hawaii is able to reveal through its sunset. The deep purples and reds truly shine through the sun, with the trees only formed through shadows.


  • Bottom R20 25%, R19 25%, R59 50%
  • Top RED 25%, R21 25%, R2009 75%

Model: Ray.

  • R27 FULL at a 0% elevation angle, 56 degree side angle, 6ft above deck, 12ft SR, 8ft downstage, 14 foot throw.
  • R49 50% at 43 degree elevation angle, 17ft above deck, 12ft SR, direct sidelight, 16 foot throw.
  • NC 50% at 23 degree elevation angle, 56 degree side angle, 12ft above deck, 12ft SL, 8ft downstage, 16 foot throw.


Spring Sunrise in Long Island:

(Background at

Discussion: What was most interesting was the how these drastically different colors of grey and yellow are shown. Long Island’s lowland beach and misty environment give the sun its contrasting grey-blue shade.


  • Bottom Blue 25%, R21 50%, R313 75%
  • Top R65 full, R97 50%, R14 25%

Model: Lucy-sit-side.

  • R20 FULL at 0 degree elevation angle, 56 degree side angle, 6ft above deck, 12ft SR, 8ft downstage, 14 foot throw.
  • R97 75% at 37 degree elevation angle, 15ft above deck, 12ft SR, direct sidelight, 15 foot throw.
  • R66 FULL 23 degree elevation angle, 56 degree side angle, 12ft above deck, 12ft SL 8 downstage, 16 foot throw.


Summer Noon Day in New England:

Discussion: For me, this is a typical day you would see in any place. The only difference is that New England has less clouds in the sky and has the waterfront and light landscape.


  • Bottom: R97 75%, R74 50%
  • Top R74 50%, R98 25%, R65 FULL

Model: Pair3-side.

  • NC FULL at 54 degree elevation angle, direct back light, 17ft above deck, centered, 8ft downstage, 14 foot throw.
  • NC 50% at 27 degree elevation angle, 12 ft above deck, 12 SL and SR, direct sidelight, 13 foot throw.
  • R65 25% at 23 degree elevation angle, 56 degree side angle, 12ft above deck, 12ft SL and SR, 8ft downstage, 16 foot throw.
  • R26 25% at 23 degree elevation angle, 56 degree back angle, 12ft above deck, 12ft SL and SR, 8ft upstage, 16 foot throw.


Winter Afternoon in Alaska:

Discussion: The snow in the afternoon was turned purple-blue from the lowering sun. Most of the sky is white except  for a light-yellow sun.


  • Bottom R351 50%, R384 50%, R97 50%, BLUE 50%
  • Top R65 50%, R10 50%, R397 75%

Model: Pair3-angle.

  • R97 FULL at 54 degree elevation angle, direct back light, 17ft above deck, centered, 8ft downstage, 14 foot throw.
  • R97 FULL at 23 degree elevation, 56 degree side angle, 12ft above deck, 12 ft SR, 8ft downstage, 16 foot throw.
  • R65 75% at 37 degree elevation angle, 56 degree back angle, 17ft above deck, 12ft SR, 8ft upstage, 18 foot throw.
  • R66 FULL at 7 degree elevation angle, 56 degree back angle, 17ft above deck, 12ft SL, 8ft upstage, 18 foot throw.
  • R132 75% at 0 degree elevation, 56 degree back angle, 6ft above deck, 12ft SL, 8ft upstage, 14 foot throw.

Paradise’s Graveyard

Summer Lightplot

Source: The Odyssey, April 25, 2016 (

Theme: Summer

Description: The beach shows a full azure horizon with a clear blue sky. Above the beach, the sun is shining down with the sand the color of peanuts. There is a single butter-colored skeleton of a starfish nestled in the sand.

Despite how pretty it looks, this single dead starfish makes me ponder about the numerous shells and skeletons that are underneath the sand. It makes me wonder how much ugliness in underneath the beach, and how much time and death had past to make it this beautiful.

6 Trees Without Anyone

  1. Location: In front of Lowe Hall, April 11, 2017 at 12:30.
  2. Objective: In front of the hall there are six rows of trees within a square grass lawn. Shadows are shifting towards Hauser Hall like spikes piercing through the grass. There is no people or animal on there during this cold, sunny day.
  3. Subjective: This image is isolating since this usual social place has no one in there. This reminds about how, despite it being sunny, the cold weather can force us all inside. It makes me think that, despite what want to do, the weather still has some control over our choices.

4-Corner Path Statue

  1. Location: March 6, 2017 at 11:15 near Spiegel Theater
  2. Objective: In the center of a crossroad is a twisted, melted onyx statue. On all 4 corner there are lamp posts that shine around the statue, but not directly onto it.
  3. Subjective: This represents the not only the directions of north, south, east and west, but also the different directions that you take in life. There is never a clear answer, as each road leads to this unformed thing at the center. While there is a grotesqueness about this unknown entity, there is also a beauty about not knowing what is going to happen.

The Eye of Peer Gynt

Surreal light diagram

Source: Me from April 8, 2016 at the New Academics Black Box Theater

Theme: Surreal

Description: This photo is the set from the premiere of Peer Gynt. In the center is an eye-shaped structure that has two spiraling staircases on each side. What this eye represented was the spiral that Peer Gynt’s life is as he both experiences being an outcast and interacting with trolls to being a successful businessman and aging. It goes into the personal infinity of Peer Gynt’s rebelliousness and ambition over personal connection.

Shining Through Mist Onto Tree

      Single Light key

Source: Me, October 21, 2016 in street island in front of Resident Buildings.

Theme: Single Subject, Single Light Source

Description: A single light shines on the tree from behind. The light gleams at an acute angle from most of the top of the tree. Behind the tree is a resident building, while on the lower right corner there is a shade of red. While the top of the tree is an intense yellow glow, there are small glimmers of white coming down.

To me, this tree symbolizes the how life may block the what can easily be seen in front of you. We can be so focused on what is in front of us that we forget the things that are easy to see behind it. It overgrows what should be important for your life. Despite this, we still see what is in front of us and not what else can come from the front.

Single Light From a Light Post Through Snow

  1. Location: Hofstra Parking Lot behind Hofstra USA, March 13, 2017 at 12:01 a.m.
  2. Objective: The light post is gleaming through the snow on top of me. There is nothing around me but a light flurry of snow. Only myself and the yellow-white light above is shown.
  3. Subjective: This light shows how isolating a snow storm can be at a university. Usually, when class is cancelled because of a storm, I have stay inside in order to keep out the cold. However, I usually will get tired of my isolation and venture out into the tundra. I believe that this light shows the possibility that there is something out there besides ice and snow.

Living Lights in Content

  1. Location: Sensor Garden, February 9, 2017 at 12:50 p.m.
  2. Objective: At the fountain, the light reflects off of the pool of water. Underneath, shimmering orange-gold and black and white spotted light form koi fishes. Making up the floor of the koi fishes’ home are dark leaves spread across the floor.
  3. Subjective: The light shining onto the water and koi fish represents the happiness and content of life. Despite living in a fountain with a floor of leaves, the fish continue to swim and shimmer the light above. This fulfillment makes me happy for the fish and the simplicity of animals.

Leaping Towards Happy Colors

Source: No Camels Israeli Innovation News, March 20, 2015 (

Theme: Happy

Description: In this photo, there are 9 black silhouettes, 7 of them children, 1 dog, and 1 cat. They are set against a backdrop that shows an azure sky and a golden sun setting. The clouds soak up the light, turning into colors from lavender gold to crimson. Below is a body of water, reflecting the image above and forming a horizon.

To me, the reason why the people and pets are black silhouettes is to insinuate that this is a happy and joyful place. This also is the end of a terrific day for the kids and animals. To me, this is an image that displays what colors make me happy.

Seeing Projects From the Shadow

  1. Location: Lawrence T. Hubert School of Comm 2nd floor slide theater room during Senior Film Class, February 28, 2017 at 3-6:30 pm.
  2. Objective: The lights are all turned out in the showcase room. Only the glow from the projector and the two computer screens illuminate the audience from the front.
  3. Subjective: When other students are showing of their projects, all I want to do is hide away. Since I am shooting my senior film on March 23-26 and still do not have everything set, there is a constant fear of failure. This showing is a reminder that I have not done any shooting yet. So, I wait in the shadows, wondering if I will be able to sit up front and be shown through the light.