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Light Observation #7 – Window

  1. Date: 3/14/18, Time: about 9:15 am, Location: Lowe 201
  2. The blinds are pulled up and a combination of light, shapes and shadows are reflected against the whiteboard.
  3. I am taking notes in my morning lighting class when the professor pulls the blinds from one of the classroom’s windows, closest to the whiteboard. As the blinds go up, a literal and metaphorical window of light grows upon the lower right corner of the whiteboard. There are several boxes of light that make up the entire window. Within this window, there is a shadow of a tree and its branches, swaying back and forth into view.

Lighting Observation #7

  1. March 14, 2018 – 9:12am – Stage Lighting Classroom
  2. I am sitting at my desk in class. As I am looking at the white board, a shadow is casted upon it. The shadow is grey and projects the outlines of the window bars as well as the trees further in the distance. The tree’s shadow is moving on the board.
  3. All of a sudden, the board came to life. The silhouette from the window is casted upon the board as well as the tree branches behind the window. As the wind swayed the tree outside, its branches began to move around the white board. It created a moment of beauty and tranquillity because as stressful as school may be and how far classrooms have moved from nature, we can never forget that it will always be there.

Photo Observation #6

By: Images Express

This lighting makes the woods warm and inviting to enter. Reminds me of what imagine the woods in Mid Summers Night Dream to be like when the sun is out; blasting through the trees. The amber and orange mix make it look cozy inside as well.

Photo Observation #1

Title: “Sunrise in Bar Harbor, Maine on Mount Desert Island”

Photo Credits: Robert F. Bukaty

Location: Acadia National Park, Maine

Theme: Sunrise/Sunset

“The sun just breaks over the horizon in Bar Harbor, Maine on Mount Desert Island (MDI). This view is from the short causeway between Thompson Island (on the left) and Mount Desert Island (on the right). Thompson Island is within the municipality of Trenton, Maine but is also part of Acadia National Park.”  (x)

This photo stood out to me mainly because of its symmetrical nature. I am very much intrigued by the glassiness of the water and its ability to reflect not only the physical objects like the trees and the clouds but the vibrant negative spaces created by the sun’s light. Looking at this photo makes me feel as if I am about to take a deep breath of cold, refreshing, air. Even though I know the morning air in this picture would be quite cold, it is evident by the surface of the water that there is no wind. The rich red/orange tones of the sunlight add so much warmth to this photo and is enhanced by the dark almost blackness of the silhouetted trees. I would love to be on this beach with a hot cup of coffee and the companionship of someone I care about…it’s too beautiful not to share.

Lighting Observation #1

  1. 2 February 2018//1:26am//my dorm room
  2. The brightest light in my room is the artificial tree wrapped with string lights. The lights are a slightly yellow, warm, off white light. The silver tinsel in the tree throws light in many directions while the shapes of the branches lit from multiple angles creates patterns of shadows that look like coral, mainly on the ceiling. The lights are reflected off the white tiles of the floor and the window that can still be seen from the blinds which are two thirds closed. It illuminates my walls and the posters and other things on them.
  3. The warmth of the glow of these string lights makes this dorm room, this temporary place feel more like home. It makes me feel as if maybe I haven’t been living alone in a concrete box for months. I enjoy the light because it comforts me in the dark when it is hard to get off my loft bed. It greets me in the morning and I breathe easier with its familiarity….the way I would a roommate. I feel less alone with the light, as I go about my life in a room meant for three people where I am the only person who really lives there. I find security in knowing that the light can be seen from on the ground 12 floors up outside my building no matter how late I arrive home like it is waiting up for me. The lights also illuminate the other decorations on the tree which include dinosaurs, birds, llamas, hand written cards, artificial flowers, and a plush lobster among other things–literally highlighting objects with which I have a positive association. The glow of this tree is a familiar feeling that makes coming to my home more pleasant than arriving in a dark room would be.

6 Trees Without Anyone

  1. Location: In front of Lowe Hall, April 11, 2017 at 12:30.
  2. Objective: In front of the hall there are six rows of trees within a square grass lawn. Shadows are shifting towards Hauser Hall like spikes piercing through the grass. There is no people or animal on there during this cold, sunny day.
  3. Subjective: This image is isolating since this usual social place has no one in there. This reminds about how, despite it being sunny, the cold weather can force us all inside. It makes me think that, despite what want to do, the weather still has some control over our choices.

Photo Observation #4

2. Found at:

3. Mysterious

4. When I think of mysterious I tend to think of things that are darker with shadows and trees. I like this picture for those reasons. Its not quite symmetrical which makes my brain confused which adds to the mysteriousness of the picture. I also like how it takes a minute of looking to realize that there are signs and a light on the street. You can’t really see where the trees end or where the road goes which also helps lend itself to the mysteriousness.

photo observation


2. Mysterious

3.  To me there is nothing more mysterious than being told not to do something. These signs block access to the Aokigahara forest at the base of mount Fuji, also known as the forest of death. That can’t be known by just looking at this photo thought this sign is cutting off entry to what looks like a lovely forest. Beyond the ropes the sun shines through the trees making whats beyond look innocent, even if it isn’t.

Photo Observation #3

2. This photo came from the blog of Dr. Guy C. Clark, a dentist in Albuquerque.

3. Night Life

4. Only a dark and mysterious silhouette of the two owls can be made out in front of a dark, dull gray-blue sky. The flash of the camera reflects a bright red, menacing glare from their eyes, giving a sense of uneasiness to an otherwise tranquil scene and sending chills up one’s spine. The owls stare, unmoving; they aren’t threatened by anyone or anything, because once the sun sets, the woods belong to them.

Lighting Observation

  1.  2/16/17, 3:47 pm, sitting on the bench outside of Davison Hall
  2. Objective Description: The sun was shining through the trees behind Hofstra Hall. The light squeezed between the branches of the tree and lit up the area where the bench was located.
  3. Subjective Description: The light shining in between the branches casts scattered light on all of the surrounding objects. Warm rays of yellow and orange brightened the entire area. The speckled light combined with the surrounding nature created a peaceful environment.