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Happy Light

I don’t typically think of the ocean as a happy place. The beach? Sure. But the ocean itself is a habitat of mystery and fear. It’s not somewhere human beings belong. If it weren’t for the way the light accents the image, I think this would evoke a darker emotion. But it makes me happy.The thought of gliding along the sea floor and looking up at the surface brings bliss. The main burst of sunlight and all the little pockets of light in the sand and sun ripples create a sense of wonder and make me feel at home under the water, almost as if I could enter this environment and still breathe.  It reminds me of films set underwater, where we can live through a mermaid or a clown fish or a blue tang without giving thought to the fact that if we were actually there, we’d drown. The light welcomes me in.

Photo Observation #5

2. Photo taken by Geena Forristall

3. Single Light Source

4. This is a photo that I took of my sister two summers ago. We were underwater in the pool in our backyard, fairly late into the night. The water was entirely black with the exception of the area near the pool light, which constantly changes colors from the plain, white light seen here to blue, green, purple, and red.

I chose this picture because I love the definition of the photo. There is such a stark contrast, with deep shadows and bright white light – all from one light source. You can see every wrinkle in the dress in some spots, but in other spots you can’t see anything at all. I also love the color of the photo – compared the to the deep black of the background, the bright yellow of the dress stands out immensely. It’s almost surreal.

Photo Observation #3 – Shadows – Lee Moore

 2. Lauronsky’s Flickr Photostream, Photo of the British Museum’s Great Court

3. Shadows

4. The glass roof of the British Museum’s Great Court projects a geometric image of stacked triangles onto the interior walls of the space. This picture is particularly beautiful because the light has such an unusual, cool teal quality which makes the photograph seem almost underwater. The shadows themselves  are distorted and pulled by the curve of the wall and and twisted almost beyond recognition by the stairs. The absence of people in this photo, coupled with the strange greenish lighting and distorted patterns creates an otherworldly uncomfortable atmosphere suitable for a tomb. It is especially appropriate because what is a museum if not a tomb for beauty?