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Photo Observation

  2. Happy
  3. A tropical island is my happy place reasons why I choose this for the theme. I love how blue the water is and you can see its clear as you can see the sand. The blue water and green trees to me go together. Blue and green are two colors that set well. The sun shining in the middle top makes me feel warm, my favorite season is summer. I like how the sun rays is reflecting off the trees a bit making the green fade into a yellow. I admire the green, blue, and yellow because it relaxes me and reminds me of vacation and that makes me happy.

Photo Observation

  1. Daily Mail
  2. Happy
  3. Chinese lanterns are always lit during festivals in China. They represent peace and prosperity. When they are released into the sky they create a beautiful spectacle of dim and calm light that evokes a feeling of joy in everyone around. The warm and welcoming light creates the overall feeling of positivity and happiness to all who see.

Lighting Ob #9

  1. 4/12/2016, 2:40pm, My dorm room
  2. Objective: Light coming in from the window ass well as the light supplied by the 5-bulb lamp in my room
  3. Subjective: The feel of the lighting is warm and calm but also mixed with a tinge of dullness. The warm light is coming from the lamp where it gives off a yellow/amber color that gives the room a warm feeling. The light from outside is much more dull because of the rain that happened earlier. It’s still quite cloudy outside so the light is more gray with small streaks of white light.

Lighting Observation 7: Church illuminated by the Artificial Sun at Noon-Night

7 March 2016-6:40pm-A church on the streets of NYC (not far from Penn. Station)

The front of this church was lit up with several large film lights to make it look like day on the outside perhaps while a film crew shot an interior to exterior shot.

This feeling of falseness pervaded the scene since the light was like this big illuminated patch of sunshine in a dark in comparison world. It was like someone trying to create the white and pure idea of heaven on Earth. It was like the night was bleached out by this harsh, piercing light. The light was the awkward bleach stain on your clothes. It was the thing that seemed like it was trying too much to be the thing to be the actual thing. The main point that made this light seem so wrong and unmistakable from the sun is that this light was hot, white in color. It was warm as opposed to the cool bluish daylight. This warmth marked it as fake. The various angles of the light made the shadows small and few. The brightness and seeming power of the light claimed that it would disintegrate any great patches of darkness that might try to eek out their existence in this space. The light felt like a bully trying to make its victims shout that it was day despite this being a lie. The light was an illusion of day like if someone were to use fog from a fog machine to make a water dragon’s breath. Like all illusions, the light was artificial and not the natural. The light was an actor but not perhaps the best one from the perspective of a bystander. The camera’s footage might tell a different story.

Photo Observation




this picture depicts hot/warming light themes. The orange light that is peering through the gate gives a silhouette effect off of the people standing in front of it. When looking at this picture you can feel the warmth from the sun. The lighting effect really characterizes as hot.

Horseshoe Bend – Tia


2. Photo Credit: Me

3. Theme: Hot

4. This picture was taken in Page, Arizona. The water pictured is the Colorado River where it comes to form a bend. I chose this picture for this week’s theme for one main reason and that is the lack of shadows. To me, shadows mean that something is around to provide shade and cool to people or animals and none of that exists here. There is little to no shrubbery and the sun is high in the sky almost alway. The temperatures get very high. This picture looks hot to me because it resembles a desert. The light is very pale but dry looking suggesting that there is no moisture. All you see is just bright white/yellow light coming from the sun which gives a “hot” feeling to me.

Lighting Observation 3: Flame in the Snow

2/8/16 – 6:00pm Student Center Hofstra Shuttle Stop

The light is a ground light in a little island with a tree in the middle of the walkway that is nearby the shuttle stop. When this moment happened, the light was buried in the snow but still on. It glowed through the snow.

The little ball of yellowish wonder that was the light shown through the snow like a porous sea sponge. The light poked happily through the pores and holes of the snow. The little fire encased by the snow was warm and comforting; its warmth and blaze was like that of a hearth at home. Although shrouded in the snow, the light was not mysterious, hidden, or imposing but rather it was inviting, charming, and marvelous in nature when compared against the other street lights and its immediate surrounding. Put up next to the darker hues or shades of the not as well-lit snow around it, the golden light only seemed more gentle and kind. Simply put, the light in this moment had a warm, homey feeling in its small gentle but not dim glow that issued from beneath the snow.

Photo Observation





I like this picture because the warm light coming in through the window of the house is very comforting. It reminds me of a picture i took of my house this past summer. The single light source of the window gives the feeling of a calm afternoon in a welcoming house.

Happy: Christmas Eve, circa 1999


I’m one of the least domestic people you will ever meet … Which is strange, because when I think of “happy” lighting, I get imprints from my childhood of Christmas Eve night — with the tree lit up, a fire burning in the fireplace, and maybe the glow of a ’90s television playing The Santa Clause or Charlie Brown’s Christmas. I feel safe, carefree, hopeful for the presents to come the next day, and all the delicious food that my aunts and uncles would inevitably bring over the next day. Before I became painfully conscious of Christmas “materialism” that Charlie Brown so hated, or of the tensions in my family between this and that relative. I had not yet experienced loss or guilt. All I cared about in that moment was the warm glow of the fire and the Christmas lights, and how this lighting made our shag carpet warmer and cooshier than it would be on any other night.

Neon Night Lights

Theme: Night Life



I chose this picture because it invited me into a fun story. The intense neon colors, the cracks in the pavement and walls, the steps leading into the dark–all of it screams debauchery and vice. What I see here is a trashy hole-in-the-wall venue that may be fun, scary or both. The picture is taken in such a way that the “WATCH YOUR STEP” is shown, but the actual letters on the sign aren’t. The irony of those words combined with the blur of the sign and the blackness of what’s beneath make this photo feel dangerous, but the myriad of color suggests a fun danger. This is enticing. The lights create a clever color fade effect, as they get colder the farther down you go. I think walking through this would feel like walking from a pink daylight (a time of routine and structure) into a blue night (a time of fun and release).