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Photo Observation


  1. I choose this picture from my phone and it was taken when me and my little sister were at the beach in Rye Playland around August.
  2. Summer
  3. When I think of summer I absolutely think of the beach, mostly because it is my favorite place. Besides the fact I love the beach I choose this picture for other reasons. You can see where the sun is coming from on the right side of the picture because how bright my face is and how much darker my sister’s body is because she is turned away from the light. I can tell the time this photo was taken because of the direction of the sun. When the sun was on the left it was morning and as the day got later it shifted to the right. Considering the sun is on the right side it was most likely late afternoon around 3 or 4. I also love on the the sun makes a reflection os me and my sister in the wet sand. This photo also reminds me of when I would sit by the shore line and admire the rocks and when the sun shine hit the rocks it would shine brightly like crystals. The shinning rocks would be my favorite lighting moment in the summer.

Photo Observation

Photo by Stephen Criscolo


This photo is surreal because of the strange colors and positioning of the light.  The woman is standing in a light surrounded by darkness that reminds me of the deep ocean.  Though she is firmly on land, the way she is positioned in relation to the sea life above her seems to place her below them in deep water.

Photo Observation

  2. Happy
  3. A tropical island is my happy place reasons why I choose this for the theme. I love how blue the water is and you can see its clear as you can see the sand. The blue water and green trees to me go together. Blue and green are two colors that set well. The sun shining in the middle top makes me feel warm, my favorite season is summer. I like how the sun rays is reflecting off the trees a bit making the green fade into a yellow. I admire the green, blue, and yellow because it relaxes me and reminds me of vacation and that makes me happy.

Photo Observation #1

  1. Photo taken by Eric Girouard in Ontario, Canada, 2013

  1. Sunrise/Sunset
  1. This photo of a sunrise over Niagara Falls captures the soothing yet powerful motion of the falls. The blue green water feels and looks frigid in comparison to the intense warmth radiating from the yellow and orange sun. The light in the picture makes it seem like the perfect most peaceful place to be would be floating in the cloud of white mist where the cool water droplets enclose your body but you can still feel the powerful warm glow of the sun.

Lighting Observation #9: Over the River

March 25th-7:00pm-Crossing the Millard E. Tydings Memorial Bridge on Interstate 95

The sun was setting with yellows, blues, and greens and the light was still high enough that it caught the water. Yellow light reflected off the water making the water’s color a complete mystery whether it was blue, clear, or more greenish.

The reflected light shimmered in the water like a soothing hum lingering in the air. The sky blended with the water in color tone to become one shattered sort of mirror of the sky. It was peaceful and harmonious like a sharing of ideas and spread of beautiful light across the world. The shimmering golden lit water was breathtaking. The sunset made the scene like a fairytale. It was all so fantasy-like that it was surreal. It has the magical feeling associated with it like what would be felt if a penny was dropped into a wishing fountain and then the fountain’s water miraculously turned a more cooper-like color. With its magical qualities or really qualities of the beauty of nature, the lighting was like an enchanted reality.

Lighting Observation #5: Sand on the walls of Breslin

22 Feb. 2016 – 1:19pm – 2nd story Breslin Hall

The sun shines through a dirty window and also appears to reflect off of the bricks on the exterior of the building some. This shines a textured and patterned light on the interior wall and some grey doors of Breslin Hall. On the slightly peach-colored, off-white wall, the light looks cream, and, on the grey doors, the light looks light greenish with some blue in it.

The lighting is rough and intriguing. It displays a gobo-like pattern on an ordinary surrounding; thus, making the setting endowed with a theatrical magic. No longer are the objects just a wall and some doors; they are gritty like sand and mysterious like ocean waves with splashes of whitish foam and deeper colors. The lighting harkens to the beach with its reflected greenish and cream colors. The wall and doors are foreign objects in a bland classroom building setting with this lighting softly expanding across it. A breath filled with the smell of the ocean and dampness of water can be felt and imagined through this lighting. The lighting is transporting, alluring to the eye, and soothing with its gentle contrast between the light and shapes created by its false gobo.

Photo Observation: Cold Lighting in a Movie


This photo is from the blog, which took it in turn from the motion picture Pan’s Labyrinth.

The theme is cold, and the lighting is cold in this still image.

The lighting spreads a cool blue wash over the scene which gives a feeling of coldness to the beholder. It is like an ocean’s wave’s tears have gone and made themselves at home in the scene, but the tear drops do not fall everywhere. They leave some shadow to contrast the hue of the watery lighting. Due to their hue, soft illumination, and saturation, the wave’s tears, the lighting, might actually subconsciously induce feelings of cold. The lighting contains such a gloomy cold feeling that it touches the mind and instinctively prepares it for darker emotions like those that one might feel after watching someone suffer. The feelings of the lighting are sad, cold, and isolated. This lighting would fit well with a scene of someone stranded in the tundra. It is so cold that it can be seen as being devoid of the warm sunny day and something of the cold, dark night.

Max Cerci – Light Observation

1) 4/30/14 8:59 waiting for class to begin.

2) The light against the water droplets on the window in class.

3) The barely visible light coming from the clouds just barely made it into the room, shining through the window, but not before hitting the droplets of water on the window. It was really cool to see each individual droplet shining differently. I noticed how the light gave the droplets dimension and made it easier to see the form of each individual droplet.

Photo Observation 5




3) Dreamlike, Calm

4) I trudged down the pier, my feet felt like sandbags. The clouds streamed in around my head, making the scene feel like I was approaching the judgment day. The water below me reflected the dark night sky, and I could see shapes moving beneath the water. I could only imagine what lay below the surface of the water- creatures from the darkest corners of my mind. I walked down the pier further, passing the dimly lit benches. Through the clouds, the waning daylight peeked through, reminding that soon, all would be dark and still. I continued on to the end of the pier, where my nightmares awaited in the house at the end. The boathouse, hidden in shadow, was my final destination. Then, I woke up.