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6 Trees Without Anyone

  1. Location: In front of Lowe Hall, April 11, 2017 at 12:30.
  2. Objective: In front of the hall there are six rows of trees within a square grass lawn. Shadows are shifting towards Hauser Hall like spikes piercing through the grass. There is no people or animal on there during this cold, sunny day.
  3. Subjective: This image is isolating since this usual social place has no one in there. This reminds about how, despite it being sunny, the cold weather can force us all inside. It makes me think that, despite what want to do, the weather still has some control over our choices.

Light Observation

Date: 3-9-16  Time: 6:15  Location: Campus

Objective Description: Walking around campus with my friend because it was beautiful out. The sunset was beautiful with an array of colors and it just made the day that much more beautiful.

Subjective Description: I took a walk with my friend, Meagan and we decided to get dinner then take a walk because we wanted to take advantage of the weather. As we were walking to Monroe to sing some show tunes, you couldn’t help but look at the colors that were in the sky due to the sun setting. It was beautiful and stopped us in our tracks. It made the night that much better and then we went to Dunkin’ talking more about what we witnessed before.