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Light Observation

  1. 4/11/17, 9:30 pm, outside of CV Star.
  2. I was outside and it was dark but I noticed there was a big bright white light, it was the moon.
  3. I just got out of class and I was walking when I noticed a shinning light reflecting off of my phone screen and when I looked back there was the moon. It may sound simple and cliche but it was beautiful. Usually I think of the sun shinning bright in the sky especially when it’s nice weather. The moon caught my eye mostly because it was a full moon. Sometimes when there is a full moon it’s yellow and has more of a darker tone. It illuminated my surroundings. I love the color white and in my eyes the moon was shinning big, bright, and white.

Photo Observation

1.Drama 16 single source light 3

2. www.

3. Surreal

4.I picked this photo to fit the theme of surreal because it is unusual and is a bizarre twist on a seemingly normal picture of jellyfish. This photo spoke to me most because it reminded me of a trip I took to the aquarium in South Carolina. When I was 14 I took a bunch of pictures of the different kinds of jellyfish and each tank was lit completely different from each other. the lighting of this particular jellyfish species reminded me of how these jellyfish were lit at the aquarium; with faint blue light that makes it seem like they’re electrified and if you touch them you’ll get shocked. What makes this photo surreal is the fact that there is a woman in a dress whose legs have turned into the tentacles of a jellyfish.

Light Observation

  1. Thursday, April 6, 2017 at 10 near Enterprise.
  2. On the side walk there was a little clear puddle on the floor like a mirror and in the middle there was a flash bright zig zag white purple line which was lighting.
  3. I was walking to one of my classes and it was raining. I looked down and there as a bunch of puddles around me. One in particular caught my eye because it was like a flash of purple light for a quick second. Even though it was for a few seconds it was enough time to observe the detail of the light. It was a crooked, bent, curved line. What really made the shape stand out was the color of white and purple. I thought it was really pretty and interesting to see an exotic light coming from the sky. For a moment I was shook because I was viewing this through a puddle and still got to see detail as if I was looking up into the sky.

Photo Observation #7


  1. Found on the internet at
  2. Single Subject – Single Light Source
  3. One bright light is hitting the empty coffee mug from a fairly shallow angle, casting a dark shadow. In a way, this emphasizes the notion that the cup is empty, and it is likely very early in the morning when bright lights seem even brighter because you are very tired and haven’t had any caffeine yet.

Light Observation

  1. Today March 2 at 5:30 pm in CV star on the roof.
  2. Light coming through the telescope from the sky.
  3. In class we were doing an observation and looking at the moon an we saw a really bright little light in the sky. When we looked in the telescope and it was a star. I never seen a star close up before and it was amazing to see. It reminded me of this class because it was white but you can see the rays of rainbow and all different colors coming from the center. All the prime colors mixed together make white. It was simple and beautiful.

Light Observation #2

  1. Thursday, February 9 at 12:30pm sitting in my bed in Hague house in the Netherlands Complex.
  2. The lights in my room were off and the blinds on the window were shut, but the bright white light from the snowy scene outside shone through and lit up the room.
  3. I woke up to find that the midday sun was shining brightly, enjoying itself and having fun bouncing around in the newly snow-covered world. Its happiness was contagious as the sun reached through my blinds, saturating my room with a bright white glow. My sleepy eyes adjusted as the vivid colors of my room were illuminated by the cheerfulness of a new day.

Lighting Observation #2

Thursday 9th of February, 6:00pm, inter-mural fields.

Bright white stadium lights only casting lights across one side of a snow covered field, creating a shadow from a snowman.

Pure white light shoots from the stadium lighting, causing the snow to glow against the darkness of the night. The sea of white is only interrupted by a stretched and distorted shadow of a snowman, as if trying to escape the light but tethered to its spot.

Photo Observation #1

  1. Photo taken by Eric Girouard in Ontario, Canada, 2013

  1. Sunrise/Sunset
  1. This photo of a sunrise over Niagara Falls captures the soothing yet powerful motion of the falls. The blue green water feels and looks frigid in comparison to the intense warmth radiating from the yellow and orange sun. The light in the picture makes it seem like the perfect most peaceful place to be would be floating in the cloud of white mist where the cool water droplets enclose your body but you can still feel the powerful warm glow of the sun.

Photo Observation #10: Dance Inc. Ad


I got this photo from Jaclyn Marie Photography’s blog. (

The theme is Advertisement Model/Desire.

The lighting is mysterious and makes the picture interesting . The figure is lit to emphasis her fabulous arched back position that is elegant like a bird. The light encourages the viewer to appreciate the dancer’s form with its bright and intense limited use of light. The light calls attention to this dancer like they are the star in the night sky. The lighting only shows certain body parts of the dancer; it is selective in its focus. This select focus makes the star image even greater. “Don’t you want to be a star” the lighting and photo call out to the spectator. Thus, the desire in this advertisement is establish through its lighting of a model.

Dance Inc Mock Up


Lighting Observation #10 Seagulls In the Heavens of the Ceiling

9 April 2016-1:40pm-American Museum of Natural History

The light shines from behind one of the mounted seagulls near the ceiling of the one dinosaur room. The light catches the feathers on the edge of the right wing.

The lighting backlit the right wing like a glow from the heavens. It made the wing seem slightly transparent as the light seeped through certain spots of the feathers. The light despite its size emitted an intense light that highlighted the wing brilliantly. It is a bright light emphasizing the might of this seagulls wing. It is empowering light that has a feeling of bravery and nobility to it. It comes from the sky, it shows off this seagull’s wing, and it is golden-ish white. emboldening, brave, mighty, empowering, the light just seemed to sing heartily that this wing is powerful. It is the light of the heavens, of the brave, and of the celestial. The backlighting quality of this light really sells it home that it is a heavenly. The like of which might be found in paintings and other artwork throughout time to indicate holiness and sacredness. The lighting felt like it was empowering and giving strength even if this strength came only in the form of attention.