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Light Observation #7 – Window

  1. Date: 3/14/18, Time: about 9:15 am, Location: Lowe 201
  2. The blinds are pulled up and a combination of light, shapes and shadows are reflected against the whiteboard.
  3. I am taking notes in my morning lighting class when the professor pulls the blinds from one of the classroom’s windows, closest to the whiteboard. As the blinds go up, a literal and metaphorical window of light grows upon the lower right corner of the whiteboard. There are several boxes of light that make up the entire window. Within this window, there is a shadow of a tree and its branches, swaying back and forth into view.

Lighting Observation

  1. 4/9/17, 7:00 pm, Estabrook Hall
  2. Objective: The blinds on the left window of my room was completely shut, but the blinds on the right window were slightly opened. This allowed small streaks of light to come into the room. The room was fairly dark since the sun was setting.
  3.  Subjective: After a long day of non stop homework, I had the chance to lay down for a few minutes before doing some spring cleaning. Turning on the overhead lights would ruin the peaceful moment, so I opted for the natural light the sun provided. There was not much sunlight left since the sun was setting. There was however small streaks of light peaking through the partially cracked blinds. My attention immediately went to the newly formed lines on my wall created by the light. The stress I had previously felt slowly melted away and a desperately needed wave of relaxation emerged.

Lighting Observation #5: Sand on the walls of Breslin

22 Feb. 2016 – 1:19pm – 2nd story Breslin Hall

The sun shines through a dirty window and also appears to reflect off of the bricks on the exterior of the building some. This shines a textured and patterned light on the interior wall and some grey doors of Breslin Hall. On the slightly peach-colored, off-white wall, the light looks cream, and, on the grey doors, the light looks light greenish with some blue in it.

The lighting is rough and intriguing. It displays a gobo-like pattern on an ordinary surrounding; thus, making the setting endowed with a theatrical magic. No longer are the objects just a wall and some doors; they are gritty like sand and mysterious like ocean waves with splashes of whitish foam and deeper colors. The lighting harkens to the beach with its reflected greenish and cream colors. The wall and doors are foreign objects in a bland classroom building setting with this lighting softly expanding across it. A breath filled with the smell of the ocean and dampness of water can be felt and imagined through this lighting. The lighting is transporting, alluring to the eye, and soothing with its gentle contrast between the light and shapes created by its false gobo.

Light Observation

Time: Tuesday night, 11:50 pm

Objective Description: As I looked out my window at night, everything appeared to be black and yellow, except one room in a building across the parking lot.

Subjective Description: I was getting ready to go to bed, and had turned off the lights in my room but hadn’t yet closed the shades. In the dark, I was able to easily observe what was going outside my window. Spots of yellow lights were visible from the lamps lighting the pathways and the few cars driving by. Several of the rooms in the other towers were dark, but some still had their shades open to reveal squares of more of the same yellow light. I could easily see the landscape below, but instead of the usual colors, everything appeared to be somewhere between artificial yellow and complete darkness.

There was one exception to the monotone scene below and it caught my eye immediately. Across the parking lot, in the Bill of Rights building, someone else’s room was glowing with some kind of novelty light that cycled through the rainbow. This one tiny square of light was captivating against the plain yellow and black backdrop.

Photo Observation 4



One of my happiest memories took place on the morning after a sleepover at my grandparents’ house when I was very young. My two cousins and I slept on an old foam mattress that converted into a couch. We slept huddled together with a fuzzy peach blanket. Some time in the early morning, I woke up while everyone was asleep. I looked above the TV at a window covered in a thin sheer curtain, and I could tell by the soft blue light coming in the window that it was morning. I was filled with energy and life, but there was also a quiet, slow, gentleness in the moment that I think this picture captures well. The room is dark and easy on the eyes, but the window lets through a soft notice that the day has begun and there is potential for adventure.

Light Observation 4

1) Feb 12, ~2:20 PM; Lowe 106

2) Light coming through window blinds

3) Before our movement class, a few friends and I were running around and warming up in the space. It was very cold, but we knew that we would be warm soon after we began our class so we chose not to turn on the heat. The light that was laying diagonally on the studio floor was warmer than the rest of the floor, so I chose to stand there to warm up my toes. I looked down at my foot and the lines that were created from the light that missed the blinds were rounded up on my foot. It felt jarring and almost gross to look at my foot this way– to see the curves and skeleton of my foot. It was jarring because the light moved along my foot but I did not feel anything– like a ghost sensation. I felt the need to move my feet so that the lighting could lay flat on the ground, but I also felt intrigued by the sort of character I had created with the shape of my foot.

Light Observation 3

1) Feb 9, ~10:00 AM; C. V. Starr Hall

2) Daylight in tinted windows

3) This lighting moment moved along with me, so you’ll have to imagine it. I was walking into C. V. Starr Hall and had just mentally commented on how beautiful and warm the day was. When I entered the building, I took a right turn and walked past the windows. They were lightly tinted a brown/grayish color. I was intrigued by them in some way but I couldn’t figure it out yet, so I filed them away to try to define the ‘lighting moment’ at a later time. My class ended and when I walked out of the building I found it! It wasn’t as naturally dramatic as some lighting; there were no big shadows or silhouettes, but it was still exciting. As I was walking out with a line of people, the doors in front of me were opened and the outside was visible in un-tinted daylight. However, to either side of me, there were doors and windows tinted with the same brownish-gray that I had noticed. The people walking in front of me were visible only by their backs, but I watched them transfer from mostly artificial light to complete daylight. As I said, this moment moved with me because the interesting part of the lighting was that it was moving people– it was propelling them forward to the outside. Moving from one lighting to the next seemed active and eager. I think if we can set up lighting like that onstage, we can create movement that propels the audience’s eyes from one space to the next.

Max Cerci – Light Observation

1) 4/30/14 8:59 waiting for class to begin.

2) The light against the water droplets on the window in class.

3) The barely visible light coming from the clouds just barely made it into the room, shining through the window, but not before hitting the droplets of water on the window. It was really cool to see each individual droplet shining differently. I noticed how the light gave the droplets dimension and made it easier to see the form of each individual droplet.

Photo Observation #10



3. Bête Noire

4. A sunrise is one of the most spectacular things a person can lay eyes on. However, as I’m waking up this is the last thing I want to see. As my eyes got adjusted to the pitch blackness from sleeping, I become startled when a radiant beam of yellow and white blind me with a great ray of intensity. As it peeks out the window it fills my room with blaring reds, oranges, yellows and whites that tells me it’s time to wake up. Ironically enough, this beautiful spectacle of light is something I could never look forward to seeing.

5. Capture

Light Obsv.

1) My dorm room, 8:25 AM, Thursday April 10th, 2014

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Light was streaming through the blinds on the windows.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was lying on the floor, about to do the morning crunches that Anna Watts told me would benefit my health. Still groggy, I looked up. What was before me was a square of crystals plastered on my wall. The fresh morning sun pulsated against my window, which were still covered by the blinds. The slit in the blinds, however, mixed with the branches from the trees outside, created a gobo of fantastical qualities. Each panel held a sparkling, bright diamond of light. I finished my crunches, and went outside to explore this new day before me.