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Lighting Observation #1 (or, Grizabella Moment)

1) Friday, 1/30/15, at 11:20pm.

2) A streetlamp in Colonial Square on a freezing night

3) I was doing a particularly miserable round of my complex, as I had the misfortune of being the RA on duty last night. One sight that almost made the frigid cold bearable was the poetic way that the streetlamp outside Williamsburg House, whose light was guttering and flickering in the wind, illuminated the path. Had there not been snow on the ground, the glow would have been lost on grass. It was eerie and desolate-looking, and reminded me of Grizabella’s song from CATS:

“Every streetlamp seems to beat a fatalistic warning
Someone mutters, and the streetlamp gutters
And soon it will be morning”

Photo Observation #2


2. I took this photo in January 2014 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire at Prescott Park.

3. Cold

4. In this picture, the sun is setting, leaving the chill of winter to take over for the night. The ice covered pier juts out over the dark, swift, and frigid water. As the sun goes down, you can feel the wind pick up and the temperature drop.


Photo Observation: Cold

Photo taken by Rychard Curtiss. 2/13/2013

Photo taken by Rychard Curtiss. 2/13/2013


This picture was taken moments before sundown. It was getting darker and then all of the sudden there was this weird moment when the light hit the bark of this tree outside my living room window and it seemed to brighten up into this cold white light. There is a gel that I often use to take the warmth out and give the stage a stark cold feeling; it is called “Winter White”, inset in photo, and I’d never actually seen it occur except when I’ve used it. I was sitting on the couch and looked up at the right moment , immediately felt a shiver go down my spine. The contrast between the warm lights going on in the neighbors windows accentuated the effect, along with the barren branches bereft  of it’s leaves. I shuddered and was frozen, both figuratively and literally while somewhere in the back of my mind a voice kept repeating “Get a picture, get a picture, before it’s too late…” I managed to shake off the shivering feeling and grab my camera. It was a mere 30 secs or so after I took this photo and the moment was gone as the sun disappeared for the evening.

Four Seasons

Summer Afternoon

Backdrop from SR to SL:

NC @ 90, RED @ 00, NC @ 50, BLUE @ 00

NC @ 00, CYAN @ F, CYAN @ F, BLUE @ F

Model from SR to SL:

AP6500 @ 60. 37 degrees direct sidelight

AP 6400 @ F. 43 degrees direct sidelight

AP 6400 @ 70. 37 degrees direct sidelight

AP 6400 @ 70. 27 degrees direct sidelight

I have never been to the Caribbean, but I know what a hot summer day feels like, being from Texas. Looking at pictures of what a summer in the Caribbean would be like, I thought to myself that this looked a lot like the South with more blue skies.

Easter Sunrise in Cathedral

Backdrop from SR to SL:

NC @ 00, AP4500 @ 60, GRN @ 00, AP3500 @ 50

AP8200 @ 90, RED @ 00, AP 820 @ 90, BLUE @ F


AP2140 @ F

37 degrees elevation, 56 degrees backlight.

Whilst looking through photographs of past student’s Four Seasons projects on Google Images, I found a real picture of a sunrise in a Cathedral. I loved it because the colors were gorgeous and there was a silhouette.

Vermont Sunset

Backdrop from SR to SL:

AP8710 @ 70, AP800 @ 40, AP8800 @ 10, BLUE @ F

AP7650@ 70, AP8800 @ 10, AP7670 @ 50, BLUE @ 00

Model from SR to SL:

AP4870 @ 50. -23 degrees elevation.

AP 7670 @ 60. 37 degrees

AP 7670 @ 20. 27 degrees

I chose these colors for a sunset because I happen to be drawn immediately to any sunset with a pink hue in it. This particular sunset amazed me greatly and I knew I had to attempt to recreate it.

Winter Afternoon

Backdrop from SR to SL:

AP2140 @ F, RED @ 00, AP2040 @ 19, AP2140 @ 50

AP3520 @ 09, AP2140 @ 60, GRN @ 00, AP2240 @ 25.

Model from SR to SL:

AP2220 @ 70. 37 degrees

AP2220 @ 60. 27 degrees

AP1800 @ 60. 0 degrees elevation, 56 degrees backlight

Recreating a winter setting proved to be difficult for me considering the fact that I have not experienced much of a winter season ever in my lifetime. So I had to search for what I considered to be a seemingly ideal winter afternoon, should I ever have to encounter it in my lifetime.