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Photo Observation #9

  1. Image came from Pinterest
  1. Surreal
  1. This lighting is surreal because it washes the woman in the unnatural colors of cyan and red. The majority of her hair and body is lit up red, making her look suspicious, sexy, and dangerous. The cyan light adds a mysterious, isolating feeling and looks like a cold shiver all the way up the side of her body and on her face. Overall, the lighting leaves the woman’s personality and emotion a mystery, but it certainly makes her seem bold and important.

Photo Observation


  2. Surreal
  3. This picture caught my attention because it is surreal to me that a women would be using a dog as perfume. Also the size of the dog also seems to be unusually small. I like how it looks like the spray coming out from the dog is a light source hitting her cheek. There is also light hitting her neck, shoulder, and knuckles but to me there seems to be an emphasis on her chin.