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Photo Observation 7 Scary

There are two reasons this image is scary. The first is that the color of the image is unnatural. People do not normally see this color in nature, it would be seen in a fire normally. Another reason this image is scary is because we can not see everything clearly. We get scared when we cant see all the information around us, the fear of the unknown.


Photo Observation #6

By: Images Express

This lighting makes the woods warm and inviting to enter. Reminds me of what imagine the woods in Mid Summers Night Dream to be like when the sun is out; blasting through the trees. The amber and orange mix make it look cozy inside as well.

Don’t go in alone…


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Night in the forest, fog and an off green light in the distance=spooky. Reminiscent of a alien invasion scene in a movie,┬ásomething from X-Files or American Gothic it just says don’t go in here alone if at all. The light silhouettes the foreground and sweeps across the landscape highlighting a thick fog. Usually light helps illuminate, but here it serves to remind us how much we really can’t see and in these woods what we can’t see will…?