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Photo Observation

Theme: Summer

I took this picture myself at Universal. This has a really summery feeling to me because of the way the sunlight is hitting the brick walls, which are already a very warm color as it is. All the light bouncing off the brick walls and shining through the skylights gives it a very warm welcoming tone. Overall it just feels like the atmosphere is sort of like the peak of the summer where you can see the heat rising off the streets/

Lighting Observation

1. Saturday, April 29, around 2pm

2. It was raining all day so the light outside was very overcast and grey.

3. I just happened to look outside my window because I’d noticed the light in my room hadn’t changed all day, and it was like time stopped. If I hadn’t looked at the clock, it could’ve been any time of day outside. The rain was falling and everything was just… there. It was overcast, so there was light from the sun, but the sun was nowhere to be found and all of the golden hue that’s usually present from its rays were gone, replaced by a flat grey light. It was an odd sensation, this feeling of timelessness, and even beauty. Even though it wasn’t the typical wonderful sunny afternoon, this sort of gloom didn’t feel at all gloomy. It felt more like a murky peace, or like that place between sleep and awake.

Light Observation #4

1. February 18th, 9pm

2. I was sitting in a friend’s room when she turned the fluorescent lights off to show me the new blue hanging lights she put up on the walls of her room.

3. At first I was a little hesitant of her showing me these lights, because I thought they were going to be the blueish tint that comes off of LED lights and consequently hurts my eyes. But when she turned these on from the darkness they created a glow that made me feel like I was sitting in the most beautiful of aquariums. The lights seemed to dance along the walls, making everything serene and dreamlike.

Light Observation 1

1. 29 January, 4:30pm

2. I was walking back from classes with my friend, and as we were walking across the unispan, she said something and I looked at her at the right moment. Because of the setting sun, there was an angle of light that hit her eyes and across the rest of her face.

3. The streak of light was like that of a single line peeking through the blinds. The golden orange light was ethereal in its glow.The way it sprayed across her face was harsh at first glance, but when looked at further, how the light glistened in the reflection of her eye took on a magical property. And after just two quick steps, it vanished, leaving the shadow lacking in comparison.