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RE354 50%
P34055 25%
No color full direct top
RE443 50%
No color 50 %
Blue Full
Cyan 25%
No color full
Blue 25%


Ap5300 75% 
no color full 
RE5454 25%
AP2190 75%
AP1950 25%
Back drop 
No color 50%
Ap2190 full 
Yellow full 
Ap1950 50%
Red 25%
Green 50%
blue 25%

ap4350 25%
ap4850 25%
ap3000 25%
No color full
Ap7330 full
ap2190 full
Back drop
No color 50%
Red full
yellow full
cyan 50%
red 25%
Green 50%
Blue 75%

ap 3800 25%
ap2140 75%
direct top light
Yellow full
top SL
red full
yellow full
top red full
Green 50%
Bottom ap1800 full

photo observation

1 This is a photo of my old summer camp that I found at

2 Summer

3 I chose this photo because one when I think of Summer my first thought is of camp. I think the colors of the boats and the wash of sun light show a lot of warmth. I reminds me of refreshing days on the lake.

Lighting Observation

Thursday 6pm, my dorm.

My dorm room on an overcast late afternoon

The sky is gray but the sun is desperately trying to shine through. With my blinds up my small room is still well lit. Every object has a grayish hue to it. Everything is calm.

Photo observation

I chose this picture because it changes as you look at it. At first the egg looks huge, then the egg is just sitting on top  of the roof, and then the egg is hovering over the roof.  I also like that this is a real photo that has achieved a surreal vibe without being heavily photoshopped.

light observation

  1. Thursday April 6, in the NAB during focus
  2. a ghost light nearly blinding me but in a really lovely way.
  3. I was finally on the deck level of the nab after 2 drama 5 labs on the grid. The ghost light was down center between me an where I needed to look. I was looking over the Ghost light when a light was turned on in the wing. It was like the light in the wing was pointing at the ghost light, highlighting it’s sturdy shape and the culture it represents.

lighting Observation

  1. Thursday Morning in my dorm room.
  2. Sun light shining under my blinds and hitting my coffee in just the right way.
  3. I despise mornings, I need an hour and about 4 coffees to really feel human, but I’ve decided I need to wake up earlier.  So, Thursday I woke up with enough time to make coffee in my dorm instead of buying on my way to class.  My blinds are all the way down but the golden sun light is creeping under the lower edge and landing in a sharp oblong trapezoid shape on my desk. I set down my coffee in the pool of morning sun light and the way the light hit the curve of the cup. It looked so soft and cozy, it was everything that was right about mornings.

photo observation

  2. In this grey light I think the reactor looks spooky looming in the dark. There is just a spooky mystery lingering around nuclear things. They just seem dangerous.

lighting observation

  1. my dorm room, midday Monday
  2. I had pulled an all nighter Sunday into Monday. I needed some sleep to get me through the day so I laid down in between classes.
  3. Coffee was brewing just out of sight. The lights were off but the room was still fully lit by the window even with the blinds fully closed. The room is filled with a quiet grey light. I don’t sleep so much as meditate, just laying in the calm cool light. It’s like I was trying to absorb the light as an energy source that coffee and sugar couldn’t fill.

Light observation

  1. In front of Hofstra Hall pre dusk, Thursday
  2. It was a clear warm day, in all honesty the light didn’t change that much but my perception did.
  3. I walked towards Hofstra hall thinking how nice it was out side. It was unseasonably warm and the day was clear. The sunlight came down gently, then I saw out of the corner of my eye my friend. She Immediately run up to my and started crying. The light and weather seemed all together inappropriate, their should have been gloom and rain. Who gave the world permission to keep spinning in spite of human pain?