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photo observation


Theme: Shadow

I chose this photo because when I think of shadows I think of something I read “We aren’t afraid of the dark, we’re afraid of what’s behind the dark”, and this photo has a grainy scary tunnel vibe. Everything that isn’t lit is shadow and this photo show how shadow can over power the light.

Lighting Observation

March 1st, 10pm on the train heading out of the city.

Objective: There are three main layers of lighting here. There is the warm light inside the train, the dark night lit up by tall buildings, and the reflection in the window.

Subjective: The moment was quiet. We had run half way down town to make our show, and then taken a few wrong turns getting back to Penn. It was the moment right after we burst through the tunnel out of Penn. The city slowly receding, building are lit up so brightly, even more so it seems after being in the tunnels under Penn. He is asleep on my shoulder. This quiet moment is suspended in air, projected on to the city through the window.

Lighting observation

  1.  Sunday night, next to Hofstra Hall
  2.  A light shines up illuminating only the front face of Hofstra Hall.
  3. The sharp light illuminated the front face of the building sharpening every edge. The old house is lit up at night like a flag pole, like it is demanding our respect. It seemed so noble and humble at the same time contradicting itself, all together so very Hofstra.

photo observation


2. Mysterious

3.  To me there is nothing more mysterious than being told not to do something. These signs block access to the Aokigahara forest at the base of mount Fuji, also known as the forest of death. That can’t be known by just looking at this photo thought this sign is cutting off entry to what looks like a lovely forest. Beyond the ropes the sun shines through the trees making whats beyond look innocent, even if it isn’t.

Photo observation


2. Nightlife

3.  I chose this picture because one of the things I think about when I hear “nightlife” is going out for drinks.  The great thing about this picture is the foreground is in focus and the background is blurred. I think this shows a great contrast between how a night goes. The light on the bottles also has a lot of interesting angles and reflections.


Light observation

Monday, 1o pm. Location: My dorm overlooking the student center

Objective Orange street light shines through my dirty dorm window. my glasses halo the beam.

subjective: An irritating orange glow shines in my eye. It bounces off of my glasses frame into my eye constantly proving it will not be ignored, despite multiple room configurations- and no the blinds do not block it.  I turn, to confront the light, it stretches out never brighter just more annoying. It highlights how dirty my window is, through no fault of my own its dirty on the outside. I never thought a light could be so annoying.

photo observation

I found this photo online at 

subject: cold

This is a photo of a hospital room. It has the token hospital color pallet of white, blue, and beige. It has a quality of psychological coldness not a lack of heat but a lack of life. It’s rigid and sanitary.

light observation

January 31st, 1 pm, the quad in front of Emily Lowe

The weather is overcast and snowing, everything is grey and cold. There is a break in the clouds just above Adam’s. The light only hits the far side of the Quad.

It had started snowing again, the snow was unwelcome and cold. I was walking back to Lowe on an overcast afternoon. The quad was empty and there was not snow in the middle, where the geese huddle in the winter. A shaft of light slipped through the clouds just above Adam’s illuminating the trees on the far side of the Quad. The snow was going in two different directions, counteracting each other and stopping time. It was one moment frozen in time, then the clouds moved and other people appeared. It had all been so quiet, I walked away thinking maybe the snow wasn’t so bad after all.


Photo credit to Michael Dinneen Photography, Anchorage, Alaska.  

Theme: Sunrise/set

This photo is a sunrise over Alaska. The mist over the water is mixed with the smoke of a near by forest fire. The plane is going back to the fire, with all the potential of a new day and the beauty of this photo there is a lingering feeling that it is more a continuation of the previous night for the person in the plane.