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Photo Observation

2) I took this photo in Buchart Gardens in Canada.

3) Theme: Happy

4) I believe the lighting in this photo is happy.  I like the way the light shines from right to left and the light is of a clear and crisp quality.  The light is slightly yellow, which creates a happy feeling since yellow light can be associated with warmth and happiness.  The light in this picture is also bright and not dull, dark, grey or black.  With that in mind it seems to me as though The light in this picture actually brings out the color in the flowers and I believe that to be a happy quality.  I think happy light should bring out the best features compared to green light and dark light which would hide those features.  The light in this picture has a little bit, in my opinion, of a fantastical feel.  I mean to say that the light makes you feel as though your in a fantasy.  Lastly I really like how the light hits the trees in this photo and think it really make the trees come alive.

Lighting Observation 1 (Week 5)

1)   2/27/11 – about 8:15pm – In front of Hofstra Hall

2)   A very yellowish light coming from inside Hofstra Hall, surrounded by darkness.

3)   This light really spoke to me because it reminded me of the movies and how I have seen several shots or scenes where everything is dark except for one warm yellow lighting source coming from inside some house or something.  This moment was full of relaxation and almost had a romantic feeling to it.  When first glancing at it I pictured someone sitting in a large arm chair, ready for bed, reading and there just being a fireplace or soft colored desk lamp illuminating the area.  The light was so warm feeling and cozy.  It was surrounded by the darkness outside that helped create a high contrast.  The moment was very fairytale like and it had a sort of fantasy like quality to it.  For some reason I am attracted to this kind of light, considering I have mentioned it before in a way and I think it just has a very inviting feel to it.



Light Observation 2 (Week 4)

1)   2/23/11- 10:00 pm- My Dorm Room

2)   Long streaks of light on walls being produced by the gaps in between the blinds.

3)   Right before I was about to go to sleep I noticed a lighting moment.  There was a yellowish light that shined in through our window, and the blinds are usually closed during the night so as a result it created uniform lines on our walls.  The light shined in through the gaps in between the blinds and it created a very distinct blind image on our wall.  The reason I liked this moment was because it make me think of a gobo and how it does the same thing.  What is interesting is that if the image on the wall was a little more distinct and had a different color, I could easily mistake it as the actual window and not just the light/ shadow being made by one.  Adding the yellow light did not contribute to it looking authentic because the yellow does not look natural but rather very artificial.  The color made it very hard to attach an emotion, time of day, etc. because it was so fake looking and didn’t really go with a particular feeling or notion.  Either way the pattern and light was interesting from a practical stand point and I will remember it for when I use gobos.

Lighting Observation 2 (Week 3)

1) 2/16/11- about 11:40 p.m.- In the car on the way to the rink

2) A series of street lights lined up

3)  I observed the many street lights on Hempstead Turnpike and I noticed that they all lined up very nicely and made a perfect picture in perspective.  The lights got gradually shorter, the farther they were away and also dimmer.  The lights also moved, as in grew taller and brighter as we moved in the car towards them.  The interesting thing I realized is that the lights are all yellow and it is a kind of yellow that does not speak caution or danger but is softer and sleepier.  I wonder why this type of light is used?  The other interesting thing is that when at the right angle I realized that the row of lights looked as though it never ended and I thought that was an interesting trick that the lights did.  I was really impressed and amazed at how light can show so much depth and really help you compare distances.