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1st lighting observation

1) Feb. 6th – 4:02 p.m – driving my car on the Connecticut 15 highway: I was driving back to school this past Sunday when I had my lighting “moment.”

2) The light/glare  from the horizon that hit the moving cars on the highway.

3) As I was driving back to Long Island after visiting my younger sister at school for the weekend the sunlight/glare from the horizon made the driving visibility very difficult to see the cars in front of me. The sun would hit each car as it drove by and I could watch the light pass over the top of the vehicle and then come right onto my windshield making it hard to see the road in front of me. It only lasted for a minute until trees or other cars or the light changed and the glare was bothering someone else. Then it would hit me and my car again so much so that I had to drive with my car mirror down in front of me and I had to lean my chin back so I could make out the road. It was cool to watch the sun pass over each car like a tidal wave of light and heat. Every time it got to me I felt like my car was glowing. The intensity was so great my entire car lit up. It was the perfect time of day when the sun is starting to go down and its not quite dark yet but you can tell that soon day will pass into night. The last stroke of the sun had its power on those of us on the road that afternoon as we struggled to see the winding road in front of us until we each respectively got off at our destinations.