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2nd lighting observation

1) March 8th – 5:00 p.m – Suffolk Hall: As I was walking to my room on Tuesday evening I had my second lighting “moment.”

2) As I was walking back to my room I noticed the hallway and the shadows from the doors along the sides of the wall. The shadows produced perfect lines and you could see the fluorescent light get cast past it.

3) As I was walking back to my room on Tuesday evening I noticed the shadows down to the end of my hallway on the third floor. I guess i’d never really realized them or took the time to notice them before. But as I was heading to my door and when I got there I stopped and looked down the fluorescent lit hallway and noticed the gray shadows coming from each door. I felt like I was in a deserted hospital or something. It was rather eerie looking with the bright, annoying light of the fluorescent bulbs over head and then the dark, deep shadows that came from the doorways of each dorm room. The shadows were cast all the way into the hallway so that you could see each individual door. It felt like I was in a movie and behind each door something horrifying would jump out at me if I went in front of the shadow. I quickly noticed these shadows and turned and went right for my room key to let me into safety.