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2nd lighting observation

1) March 23rd – 8:30 p.m – Emily Lowe Hall: I had my second lighting moment tonight at rehearsal in Lowe.

2) The amber light that shown from the building of Lowe onto the freshly fallen snow/ slush that laid on the ground outside of Lowe.

3) As I looked out the window and through the blinds outside onto the common area right outside Lowe and saw the freshly fallen snow/sleet laid on the ground and the dim, amber beam of light that was hitting it I felt like I could see each individual speck of snow that was glistening on the ground. It looked fresh and like crystals or something. It was really very pretty. I was immediately taken back to holiday time and the festivities that it includes but then it hit me, It’s March! and the end of March at that! this should not be happening and I prayed to Mother Nature that this joke of hers would soon be over and the 60 degree weather soon return.