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2nd lighting observation

1) April 12th – 7:45 p.m – Old Lounge in Lowe: I had my second lighting moment while at rehearsal on Tuesday night.

2) The flash of light from the lighting outside that lit up the room through the tiny block windows.

3) We were in the middle of rehearsal when we heard a crack of lighting and then saw the flash come through the window in the basement on Tuesday night. The small block window like fixtures that are down in the old lounge aren’t see through and when this bright light came through it distorted the natural light from the lighting and shot it into the room. Through the block like windows it made it appear as if outside was completely lit up by the lighting and it had a grey tint to it. When the lighting struck again I was looking out the window and at that moment the light lit up outside and you could see how hard the rain was falling and you could hear how hard the storm was.