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Lighting Observation – Lee Moore

1. Tuesday, April 10, sometime between 9:00PM and Midnight

2. The orange lights of the highway lamp posts glowed through sleepy eyes

3. A six hour drive with your best friends in the dark is fun, and silly and wonderful. We had made it out of DC, on through Baltimore, out of Maryland, through Delaware and a bit into Jersey when my headache hit. A headache that pounded behind my forehead and shot back to just above my ears when I was least expecting it, the kind of headache that meant I needed to let someone else drive. Luckily, Phil and Beep are natural worriers. As soon as I pulled into the rest stop they were trying to shove medication at me, and clear out a spot in the back seat for me to curl up. When we got back on the road, Beep drove, Phil co-piloted, and I collapsed in the back, blanket pulled over my head. I drifted in and out of sleep for the remaining 3 hours of the drive, once coming to my senses enough to stare out the front window for a few moments. I don’t know which highway we were on, what state we were in, or what the boys were talking about, but through my sleep-blurred eyes I saw the lights illuminating the highway. They were a row of orange sunbursts disappearing onto the blackened horizon. Further than the eye could see, they wound ahead of us, a path through the unknown. To my dream filled eyes, we were the inhabitants of a magical universe, blurred and foggy around the edges. Against the deep blue sky, they appeared like fairy lanterns, and as we passed under them, their warm glow made me feel safe, I knew they would lead me home.