Lighting Observation

  1. Tuesday, March 7th, 5:48pm; NAB Black Box.
  2. The ghost light in the pitch black theatre casting shadows over the Dram 005 chair scheme.
  3. I had been looking for a lighting moment all week; everywhere I turned I would turn look at the sky, or watch the shadows dance across the building, and while there were some good candidates, none of the lighting I observed struck a chord.  I was certain however that sitting for 3 1/2 hours backstage during Hamlet every night, some type of cool light beam would peak out from under a doorway, or a can would cast a laid back and notable image, but alas, none were to be found.  It was while walking into the Black Box to retrieve my scarf I had left there the other day when it smacked me in the face: the perfect lighting moment.  Ironically, it was the type of lighting moment I had been hoping to elicit from the Playhouse.  The ghost light emitted a warm yellowish/orange glow that cast a gorgeous shadow over the plush blue seats in the theater.  The shadows from the chairs created a gobo effect on the floor, looking like jail cell bars.  It caught me so off guard by its perfection – the same way, I’m sure, a bride feels when finding that perfect white dress. I snapped a quick photo and smiled to myself, thinking about how the perfect lighting moment I had been searching for came when I wasn’t searching at all.  Deep.

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