Lighting Observation

  1. 3/16/17, 7:24 AM, boyfriend’s bedroom
  2. The blinds were shut on the window directly in front of his bed, facing the street. The sunrise still came through. It made the window and the walls glow light yellow.
  3. I woke up two hours before I wanted to and the room was growing brighter as the minutes passed. I looked across the room to one of the three windows. The one behind me and the one to my left did not have much light shining through, but the window directly across was glowing yellow. The walls surrounding it appeared to be shining, and the horizontal blinds made stripes. The sun was rising in the east and flooding the room. I was a little angry at myself for waking up so early, but seeing this light made up for it. It felt very peaceful and calming and I was able to fall back asleep.

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