Light Observation

  1. 4/5/17, around 12 AM, one of those streets near South campus
  2. There was a very bright, white streetlamp that was lighting up the entire road. It made me focus on a short white gate in front of a house. There was a tree between the house and the gate, the trunk was painted white for some reason. I moved into the street and where from my point of view the top of the white part of the trunk ran along the same line as where the roof of the house began. The sky was almost looking purple with the orange light pollution mixing with the grey clouds.
  3. My exhaustion was starting to show when I looked across the street and saw a tree trunk painted white. It was glowing in the bright white light beaming down from the streetlamp. The area of the road was clearly lit for more than 30 feet… it looked like daytime at midnight. I felt delusional.

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